About RAFA

Russian Animated Film Association  – is an association of 68 legal entities representing the interests of organizations that belong to animation industry in Russia.

Association is concerned with international promotion of Russian animation, with development of education in the industry, and design of domestic SW. An important aspect of work of Animated Film Association is promotion of industry’s interests on all levels of state authority. Thus, in 2017, producers of industrial studios had an arranged meeting with the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Association  participates in different Russian and international events, for instance: Annecy International Film Festival and MIFA cinema market, Licensing World Russia,  MIPCOM and MIP Junior in Cannes. Thanks to the work of the Association, Russian animation grows quite swiftly and enters new international markets. It is important that number of Association’s members keeps increasing every year (68 in 2022).



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Moscow, Russian Federation

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