Russian Animation Catalog

We present the Catalog of current Russian animation-2021

Russian Animated Film Association has released the 10th Anniversary Catalog of current Russian animation – a universal guide to all Russian companies involved in the production of animation products.

The catalog is made in online format in English. It is available on our website aakr.ru in the section “Catalog of current Russian Animation” by the link

The catalog can be downloaded from the link

Download pdf in high quality here

What’s in the catalog:

  • 55 production companies
  •  131 animated series in production
  •  28 feature films.
  •  Licensed products of copyright holders
  • Information about the largest Russian animation festivals
  •  Children’s TV channels, distributors, licensing agencies
  •  A separate block is dedicated to studios that are engaged in the production of author’s short animation

Tasks of the Catalog

  • to promote information exchange and development of the animation film industry in Russia
  •  contribute to the promotion of animation projects abroad
  • to establish contacts with international partners for co-production and distributionDespite the problems faced by many industries during the global pandemic, Russian animation studios not only continue to produce animation, but also increase its volume, as evidenced by the new catalog. We try to do our best to support and promote Russian producers and open original Russian cartoons for the global industry. New members join Russian Animated Film Association every year. New projects appear, large alliances are created – the animation industry in Russia is developing, and today we can confidently speak about Russia’s competitiveness in the world market.

About the project

Russian Animated Film Association annually prepares the Catalog of current Russian Animation. Since 2020, due to changes in cultural life caused by the global pandemic, the catalog is published only in online format in English.

Below you can download a pdf of the Catalog 2020

Russian Animation Catalogue 2020

 Russian Animation Catalogue 2020

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