Address: Moscow, st. Dmitry Ulyanov, 31

Official site: studio-aa.ru

e-mail: info@studio-aa.ru

Phone:  +7 499 271 96 33

Fax: +7 499 271 96 33


Technique: 3D animation


About us

AA Studio is one of the biggest animation studios in Russia, specialized in creating 3D series and feature films. Since 2010, we have worked on various commercial projects for children and family audiences.

Our Team

We give life to new ideas and create films, starting with an idea, then bringing it to life and finally promoting our creations around the world. Our team is composed of artists, directors, scriptwriters, and technical specialists from over 10 countries, who all work together closely for each and every one of our projects.

Our goal

Our goal is to create interesting stories, new animation worlds and memorable characters that spark interest amongst our young viewers, and teach them universal human values. We wish to create animations that nourish the new generations’ dreams and sense of imagination.


We produce 3D animated series and feature films. Our projects are aimed to be interesting for children and family viewers across the world. We design characters who will be the best friends of children of all religions and races from any nation.

Our company mainly focusses on co-productions with Russian and foreign studios. We invite other studios to co-produce our projects and we participate in the production our partner studios’ projects.

AA Studio regularly takes part in international exhibitions, markets and festivals, as is also a member of various international animation associations. The studio independently distributes its own content and brands all over the world. The studio’s projects are presented in 8 languages in more than 50 countries.