Russian Animation Film Association is the only organization in Russia that unites almost all industrial animation studios in the country. RAFA includes production and licensing companies, distributors, TV channels, public organizations, educational institutions working in the field of animation.

Lobbies the interests of the industry at all levels of government
Develops the infrastructure of the industry
Popularizes and promotes domestic animation in Russia and abroad
Implements activities aimed at supporting the industry
Carries out research in the animation industry
Organizes collective stands of Russian animation on domestic and international markets
Conducts pitch sessions, panel discussions, round tables on current topics
Publishes an annual catalog of Russian animation
The Board of the Animation Film Association includes 15 members – representatives of the animation industry.
The purpose of the organization is to form the animation film industry in Russia, attract public and private investments, participate in legislative initiatives for the development of the industry, increase the level of training of professional personnel, promote the material and technical re—equipment of studios, promote the achievements of domestic animation in Russia and abroad.
RAFA was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia on February 7, 2012.