‘MultVselennaya’ (‘ToonUniverse’) animated program of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival

ToonUniverse of Moscow Film Festival

For the second year in a row, animated films at the MIFF are presented in a separate program that reflects the most current trends of modern world author’s cinema, primarily in the format of a short meter. If full-meter animated features are consistently released in different countries and find a fairly wide audience in the face of both children and adults, then short animated films are available exclusively to sophisticated festival viewers.
The curators of the MIFF animation program are Alyona Sycheva and Tatiana Tsyvareva.

Movie screenings are still the main meeting place for animation fans with the novelties of this type of cinema. Therefore, the curators of the program paid key attention to short-meter for adults, increasing their number compared to the previous festival and making up two intense sessions.

Indeed, foreign animated films are mainly addressed to the adult audience, but our viewers tightly associate animation with art for children. Paying tribute to the masters who create wonderful films for kids, the curators have collected novelties for family viewing in a separate session, viewing which, we are convinced, will give impetus to creative communication between parents and the younger generation.

In the program of a full-length animated film, a special place is occupied by the Russian animated tale ‘Yaga and the Book of spells’. The premiere of the debut project of the new dustribution company NMG Kinoprokat will be a big and bright event of the Moscow Film Festival. Fans of teenage animation and young people will be interested in the Iranian drama ‘Angel of Hope’.

One of the innovations of this year’s program is the quantitative predominance of foreign–made toons. The presented cartoons were created by artists from Iran, Kazakhstan, China, the Republic of Korea, Israel, the USA, Brazil, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Portugal, Denmark, Spain and other countries. Among the two dozen titles, there are only three Russian ones: one full-length, one children’s and one adult films. Traditionally, only those works that have not been shown in our country before have been selected for the show – exclusively Russian premieres.
The program of ‘MultVselennaya’ will expand and change for the better from year to year, and the attention of the festival audience to it will steadily grow!

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