BabyRiki celebrates three years’ anniversary!

BabyRiki celebrates three years’ anniversary today!  For three years a new episode has been aired every week to bring joy and happiness to our youngest audience and their parents.

BabyRiki is a unique animated series, which babies can watch from the newborn period. From the very start BabyRiki has become one of the most successful animated series in the Russian Internet.  At the moment the number of views on YouTube is rapidly growing to reach 2 billion mark in the nearest future and the number of subscribers in social networks has already reached 1 million.

The series is developed in consultations with children psychologists and early learning specialists.  With the help of “Smart songs” toddlers easily remember new ideas and concepts.  Our composers, Marina Landa and Segrey Vasiliev, created more than 150 songs about animals, numbers, emotions, professions and many other very important aspects of growing up.

Our creative team is very responsive to the feedback from the audience.  We have already started on new scripts, based on the audience’s suggestions, dedicated to “learning to cooperate”,  “being accurate”, “going to kindergarden” and many other things.

BabyRiki is performing greatly in China, where it is aired on CCTV kids and shows spectacular numbers of views on Chinese digital platforms (YouKu, Tencent, etc).  BabyRiki is broadcast in the UK with very stable ratings, Romania, Israel, North America and Vietnam and we believe will soon be dubbed into all the languages of the world!

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