“Back to Back” Project Got 1 million Likes on Likee App

Last fall, the animated series “Back to Back” from the studio “Mechtalet” announced its @ account in the Likee application.

Since then, the audience of the project in the app has grown, watching short stories of small backpacks. Ryuk, Moli and Botya – the main characters of the animated series – constantly get into incredible adventures, and all the funniest and most interesting ends up in the @ subscribers’ feed. Popular cuts from episodes were stories about how backpacks love to go to school, the misadventures of a little kitten in the washing machine, and the funny story of the birth of Ryuk’s backpack.

Today, the “Back to Back” project in Likee has a million hearts from 75 thousand subscribers who adore the new animated series. All 26 episodes of the first season can be viewed on Karusel, Multilandiya and YouTube.

New episodes of the second season are already being prepared for release. Connect and enjoy the views!

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