‘Beardy Bodo’ Series at MIPCOM 2020

Beardy Bodo

Riki Group, a leading Russian animation studio, brings new pre-school series ‘Beardy Bodo’ to MIPCOM 2020.

This is a riotous series that teaches kids to read. Young viewers will be taken on a journey from each individual letter to reading exercises, led by the hilarious figure of Bodo, a grouchy man with an enormous beard who doesn’t know how to read very well himself. Solving simple puzzles, playing games and stopping Bodo from hiding the letters, kids will soon be able to memorize the alphabet and improve their reading skills.

The main character is hilarious and original.  He knows nothing but he’ll teach anything and everything. Stubborn and grumpy, he’s so prone to confusion that figuring things out turns into great fun.
Bodo’s ridiculous and missguided «teaching» is, of course, really all about activating kids to learn from content and the world around them, while having a good laugh and feeling pretty smart about being smarter than Bodo!

“ABC” and “Beardy Travel” are now in production and since the series is considered as a frinchase Riki Group is searching for partnership to create different language versions.
The number of seasons in unlimited as there is no limit to what Bodo can muddle up.
The project will be a part of the showcase of new Russian animated projects “Made in Russia – Universal Animated Stories fro Global Audience’” within MIPCOM Online + (10:00 October 14th) It will be also presented at TIFFCOM 2020 in November.

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