‘Beyond’ short meter among nominees of Anibar International Animation Festival

Anibar International Animation Festival has announced the nominees, including the animated film ‘Beyond’ by Parovoz animation studio.

The short animated film ‘Beyond’ was selected in the competition of young viewers of the 15th Anibar International Animation Festival , which will be held from July 15 to 21, 2024.

‘Beyond’ is a story about a boy named Petya. He’s not like everyone else. Petya seems to be on the other side of the glass separating his world and ours. It is usually difficult for people to understand Petya, and it is difficult for Petya to adapt to this world that is too difficult for him. But if you are kinder and extend a hand of sympathy and support, then in such a big and different world there is a place for everyone, even for the most ‘special’ person!

The author of the idea and writer is Maria Parfenova:

‘When a baby who behaves like an ordinary child appears in the family, everything goes on as usual. But as he grows up, you start to notice that something is going wrong. It’s like you live in different dimensions, in two worlds separated by an invisible wall. At the same time, you see and hear each other, but you do not understand. This makes it really scary. How to understand a child with autism spectrum disorder? How to get into his world and accept his peculiarities? How can I help him adapt to everyday life? With these emotions and questions begins a long and difficult path towards each other. Our film began with them. I sincerely believe that there is a place for everyone in this big world. If people become a little kinder and more tolerant of those who are different from them.’

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