The animation studio Caramel & Co was founded in 2017 and quickly became one of the leading players in the Russian animation market. The first product of the studio is the animated series Turbosaurs, which has already released three seasons, and new episodes are now in production. The series is widely represented in distribution, available on all major local VOD resources and on the russian TV channel Karusel.

The studio team consists of professionals who love what they do. The mission of Caramel & Co is to create content that viewers enjoy watching. Cartoon characters of the studio become the real friends of children around the world!

The Caramel & Co team creates cool creative projects and is always open to new ideas. The studio specializes in 3D CGI animation, and among the priorities are creativity, attention to detail and strict adherence to production deadlines.

In addition to the production of Caramel and Co., we also distribute our content in all territories.