Congratulations of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin for the 20th ‘Kikoriki’ anniversary

Vladimir_Putin congratulations for Kikoriki

On June 1, the International Children’s Day, the popular animated series ‘Kikoriki’ from ‘Riki’ group of companies celebrates its 20th anniversary. The Predident og the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin congratulated the creative team on the anniversary of the project.

‘I congratulate you on ‘Kikoriki’ 20th anniversary. Your project can rightfully be called a real long-liver on Russian television, which has gained huge popularity among young audiences,’ the President’s official congratulation reads. – ‘Over the past time, Kikoriki have become favorite characters for several generations of boys and girls from Russia and other countries, taught them to appreciate friendship, overcome difficulties, believe in goodness and justice.’

Vladimir Putin noted the professionalism of the authors of the project, a significant contribution to the education of the younger generation and the relevance of the topics raised, as well as the continuation of the traditions of Russian animation by the creative team:

‘And of course, sincere words of recognition to the cohesive, talented team of the project. It is important that, while preserving the best traditions of the national school of animation, you boldly, innovatively approach the matter, raise serious topics in the series, and with your creativity you participate in the upbringing of the younger generation. I wish you success and inspiration for the implementation of new ideas and plans.’

In addition, Vladimir Putin congratulated the creators of the project on the International Children’s Day.

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