Danone updated Kikoriki branded product line

Danone, Russia and Riki Group (Kikoriki brand owner) have updated the product line and launched new milkshakes and drinking yoghurts with “Bubble gum” and popcorn flavors.  “Bubblegumika” and “Popcornus” are available in food stores all over Russia.

“Kikoriki” is a product line with the characters of a famous animated TV series for kids from the age of 3 and older.  Milkshakes and drinking yoghurts with new, unusual flavors will appeal to all children.  A special interactive sign is placed on each product, which will take you to the adventure with Kikoriki characters once scanned with the help of free mobile app Shazam.  The Umflier will take the round-shaped characters and their little friends to different magical planets, where they can play interesting games and solve puzzles.

Julia Golova, Head of Licensing Department of Rights Management agency “Marmelad Media”:

“The key to success of this project is not only in high quality of the product and attractive design, but also in modern AR technologies which we use. Collaboration of Riki Group and Danone resulted in interactive packaging, which will allow kids to interact and play with their favorite characters and experience the magical world of Kikoriki. This approach will definitely attract the consumers to the products with the kids brand, which has 100% recognition rate among the target audience.

Danone has been our strategic partner for over 10 years and we are happy that Kikoriki branded products with VR technologies are now presented at FMCG market. Innovative approach together with simple mechanics will provide for a high level of consumers involvement and, as a consequence, successful promotion of the brand to the next stage.

Kikoriki now gives a chance to become closer to favorite characters and enjoy milk delicacies. New bright and colorful packaging with popular characters is hard to miss on the store shelves. All products are manufactured in strict compliance with the quality and safety standards with modern equipment, meeting all standards and requirements to children’s food. The packaging guarantees preservation of high quality of the product and correspondence to hygienic requirements.”


Valeria Trifonova, Communications Director, Danone, Russia and CIS:

“Food manufacturing companies should consider not only the quality of the products, but also the changes in consumers taste preferences.  Kikoriki brand by Danone presents unique for the Russian market kids milk products – milkshakes and drinking yoghurts with popcorn and bubble gum flavors.  All Kikoriki milkshakes’ packagings are marked with an interactive sign “Shazam”, which young consumers can scan and then travel to the magic Kikoriki world, planets Strawberrius, Alfa-Vanilla and the others.  These days kids often use various gadgets in their everyday life.  It’s important to reach out to your consumers, even the youngest ones, through correct communication channels.”

As part of promotional campaign a new music video “Cosmo Like” was aired at YouTube channel Viki Show in February this year.  The clip was produced by together with Petersburg Animation Studio.

“Our channel Viki Show was the 6th fastest growing and 7th most viewed YouTube channel in Russia in 2018, – comments the singer’s Mom Rosa Solovieva. – “Cosmo Like” is and animated video, which is different from our previous videos because of the special effects, settings and complicated editing, which looks very impressive for our audience, as Viki travels in space.”

“We managed to create a bright and dynamic video, where Kikoriki characters are naturally placed in the real world, – says Oksana Osipova, art-director of “Kikoriki. PINCODE” animated TV series. – A video like this is a serious task for us, which we produced in collaboration with Danone team, and Riki Group. We enjoyed working with effective and organized filming crew and amazingly talented and hard-working Viki, of course. This new exciting experience gives us an inspiration to other great projects. The music video keeps gaining the views and this is the main indication of the success of our work.”

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