Dialogue in Animation between Russia and Indonesia was Launched today

The RAFA took part in the first, introductory round of negotiations with colleagues from Indonesia. The negotiations, which were held online on December 12, were attended by professionals and experts from the two countries, including Bangun Aryano, representative of the Directorate of Film, Music and Media of the   Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia, Berlian Helmi, Deputy Chief of mission of the Indonesian embassy in Russia, Frass Kamasa, First Secretary of the Indonesian Embassy in Russia, Adi Nurianto, attache for education and culture, Eka Chandra, Secretary General of the Indonesian Animation Industry Association (AINAKI, The Russian side was represented by the executive director of the Russian Animated Films Association , Irina Mastusova.

Representatives from Russia and Indonesia spoke about the current state of affairs in the animation industry and described the market demand for animation products. The parties also discussed the possibilities and prospects for joint work, in particular, co-production, adaptation, assistance with entering the markets of the two countries. As a result of the negotiations, a roadmap for further cooperation was created.

Indonesian colleagues received an invitation to the festival in Suzdal and the St. Petersburg Cultural Forum, and Russian colleagues were invited to visit Indonesian studios, which are concentrated mainly on the islands of Java, Sumatra, Bali and in the capital Jakarta.

The RAFA also suggested to conduct a joint pitching of the animation studios of the two countries – this tool has proven to be one of the most effective in establishing relationships at the company level.

The parties agreed that the next round of negotiations will be devoted to the development of a specific mechanism for B2b collaboration.

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