“DinoCity” from the Riki Group of companies included in TOP-10 best animated series in Korea

DinoCity by Riki Group of companies in Korea

The animated series ‘DinoCity’ from the Riki Group of companies, telling about the daily life of the city of dinosaurs and its inhabitants, entered the Top-10 animated series according to the children’s TV channel Daekyo Nori Q in Korea.

Since the fall of 2022 , the story of the dinosaurs family has been broadcast in Korea on the children ‘s TV channel Daekyo Nori Q.

According to the latest report of the TV channel, the project ‘DinoCity’ is among the top 10 best animated series for preschoolers of 4-7 years old. The animated series is on air five days a week with repeats of episodes of the first season. The popularity of ‘DinoCity’ is explained by its interesting plot, vivid animation and well-developed characters. Moreover, the animated series contains useful lessons for children about friendship, family, work and responsibility.

The world premiere of ‘DinoCity’ took place in November 2020 in Italy, followed by a successful release in the UK and Ireland. In addition, the TV channels of a number of European countries have acquired the rights to broadcast the series. In Russia, ‘DinoCity’ started in Russia in 2021 and has already managed to find its fans.

No less successful was the launch of another project of the Riki Group of companies – ‘Tima and Tom’ in Korea. After three months on air, the series appeared in Top-10 best foreign shows and became the 12th among all projects on Daekyo Nori Q. Following the TV premiere, the release of “Tima and Toma” is expected on VOD platforms SKBtv, Yanadookids (formerly KakaoKids), LGU+tv. Earlier it also became known that the series ‘Fixies’ is also available in Korea on the educational TV channel EBS.

‘DinoCity’ is a comedy animated series designed for children from 4 to 8 years old in 2D format. In the center of attention is the dinosaurs family, in which live 8–year-old Tyra and 6-year–old Ricky – a fidget, who loves to have fun and has a rich imagination. He is curious, asks a million questions, but does not always listen to what adults say. Much more often, he comes up with the answers himself and acts according to the fantasized knowledge, thanks to which he turns the life of his relatives into one big incredible adventure. The total number of views on YouTube exceeds 4 million per year.

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