‘I’ll Get You!’ will be streamed on China’s leading media resources 

SMF Studio has signed an agreement with the Chinese company Jetsen Huashi Wangju on the distribution and promotion of  ‘I’ll Get You!’  animated series  in China.

‘Gag, wordless comedy, buffoonery is a very bright but complex genre for animation production, so its value is very high all over the world,’ said Juliana Slashcheva, SMF Studio Chairman of the Board of Directors , ‘I’ll Get You!’ belongs precisely to this genre – its most important advantage is that it is understandable in any corner of the world. That is why the series arouses great interest in the foreign market and attracts such strong partners as Jetsen Huashi Wangju. Thanks to the professional work of the company, the project will gain many new fans in China.’

Previously, seven animated series by SMF Studio have already been released on 20 online platforms and Internet TV channels in China.

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