Introducing the Catalog of Russian Animation-2022

The Animated Film Association has released the 11th Catalog of Contemporary Russian Animation, a universal guide to all Russian companies producing animation products.

The catalog is made in electronic format in English.

You can download the catalog in pdf from the link

And here is a link to a larger pdf in print quality

What’s in the catalog:

  • 51 production/production companies
  • 119 animated series in production
  • 62 feature films
  • Animation brands and their licensed products
  • Information about the most important Russian animation festivals
  • Advertising modules for children’s TV channels, licensing agencies, content distributors
  • Separate blocks are allocated to software manufacturers, companies specializing in content localization, marketing and consulting services

The catalog is due to

  • promote information exchange and development of the animation film industry in Russia
  • promote russian animation projects abroad
  • establish relationships with international co-production and distribution partners

The eleventh edition features the newest TV-series, feature films and shorts released over the past two years as well as an information about what is in production or preparing for release within next year.

We are delighted to announce that this year the art of Russian animation celebrates its 110-year anniversary. The Russian animation industry has come a long way since the first catalog was published and has now become a prominent player, a flagship in the field of the creative industries in the country. Since 2012, the year RAFA was formed, the number of animation studios in Russia has doubled, and the production of animation has grown more than 5 times, its quality is evolving faster than ever. Today RAFA unites 61 members, including 51 animation studios. In the year 2022 their content is offered in 60 languages and distributed in more than 150 countries around the world. The industry employs 3 times more people than in 2011.

We hope that the Russian animation content will continue to grow and delight viewers with its quality. This catalogue will be your guide for finding contacts, launching and promoting projects, and establishing strong cooperation between members of the global animation industry.

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