‘Leo and Tig’ musical spin-off

New music toon series ‘Leo and Tig Magic Songs’ for 3-6 year audience are premiered by MULT Application on September, 25th, 2020 starting with ‘Secret Forest’ episode. Every Series of the musical spin-off is a music video starring main and second part characters of the famous series ‘Leo and Tig’. Parovoz Studio is producing series by order of Digital Russia Media company.

‘Leo and Tig’ became popular just about having being released at cinema theaters in 2016 in ‘Toon at the Cinema’ project. The series about two inseparable friends is well known not only  in Russia but worldwide as well. In 2020 the airing licenses were purchased by  Piwi+ (France), Star Channel (Greece), Spacetoon International (The Near East). In 2018 the deals were signed with   Netflix,  national media  holding of Hungary MTVA and  NPO – main state media corporation of the Netherlands.  ‘Leo and Tig’  licensed products are widely presented in Italy.

Author: Evgeny Golovin

Directed by: Alexander Yutkevich and Nickolay Kozlov

Music score by Sergey Bogolubskiy and Daria Stavrovich

Lyrics by Maria Parfyonova

Designer – Daria Romanova

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