‘Masha and the Bear: say ‘Oh!’ released at theaters in Russia

Masha and the Bear say Oh released at theaters

On June 1, the second feature of the universe “Masha and the Bear”, created by Animaccord studio, is released at cinema theaters all over Russia.

A 22-minute movie plus four new 7-minute stories about Masha and the Bear (the total duration of the project is ~ 56 minutes) are available.

Dubbing: Yulia Zunikova (Masha), Boris Kutnevich, Artem Bozhutin, Valeria Shevchenko, Zinaida Kuprianovich, Oleg Savostyuk, Diomid Vinogradov, Yulia Yablonskaya

For the first time in many years, the Bear leaves his cozy home and finds himself in the center of the social life of a big city. Today he is a wedding photographer, and Masha is his assistant. Farewell, solemn ceremonies! Hello, the cycle of fun, creative disorder and the celebration of true love. A charming story with an inspiring message of love and friendship that will make the audience say “OH!” more than once.

Producer: Elena Shchichkina

Artistic Director: Elena Chernova

Production designer: Oksana Guseva

Director: Artem Naumov

The author of the script: Maria Bolshakova

Composers: Alexey Smirnov, Evgeny Turuta

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