Meeting of representatives of the animation industry of Russia and Argentina


On June 1, at 4 p.m., an online meeting of the Russian animation industry with representatives of the animation cluster of Argentina will be held for the third time.

The friendship that began between animation professionals of the two countries during the pandemic in 2020 has grown into close cooperation between Moscow and Buenos Aires in three years.

The Russian side will be represented both by the majors of the animation market, TV channels, and companies with small production volumes. Among the Russian participants are representatives of the SMF film Studio, the Riki Group of Companies, studios and companies Melnitsa, Digital Television, YARKO, Lux Cinema ( Superheroes TV Channel), Global Influencers, Cyrillic, Brand4Rent, “Just about Important. About Mira and Gosha”, Art Animation Studio, “KupiGolos”, HonkFu Studio. Russian companies will pitch projects for the partners.

Argentina delegates representatives of 16 animation and graphics studios, TV channels and service companies: Animar, Avionetta Joy, Canal Pakapaka, T’IKTU Estudio de Animacion, Epirenov Stop Motion, Hook up Animation Studios, Kiosko, Kuiper Animation, Le Cube, Malabar Producciones, Matiz, NutsMedia, Ojo Raro, Osa Estudio, Tronco Contenido, Untref Media.

Both sides are looking for options for cooperation in the field of co-production and distribution of animated content in demand both in Russia and LATAM countries.

The meeting of the animation industry of Russia and Argentina is another step towards the integration of creative industries and the convergence of the worlds of animation, cinema and computer games.

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