MultAnima Launches Animation Workshops

A news and educational channel was launched on the Social Platform for Author’s Animation, created by the Russian Animated Film Association (RAFA) as part of the implementation of a presidential grant.

Before the long New Year holidays, the creators of MultAnima decided to please the platform subscribers with cozy “winter” master classes. In December there will be three of them, but all of them are completely different, very exciting, but at the same time as practical as possible: all the materials for them can be found in every home. Subsequently, master classes on various topics and creative meetings with professional animators will continue to appear on the educational channel

A master class with the romantic title “How to tame the northern lights and a blizzard” will be held by Nadezhda Shumilova, a teacher at the children’s animation studio “Solnyshko”. She will demonstrate how to use dry pastels to create the Northern Lights using the “animating background” technique and how ordinary semolina can help spin a snow blizzard using the “loose animation” technique.
The second master class is “A live animated character from a sponge” from Elena Lysenko, teacher and head of the animation studio “Palette”. He will teach you how to make and animate a character from a dishwashing sponge. Such a “kitchen hero” will turn out to be surprisingly plastic, funny and multifunctional, you can shoot a small animation sketch with it.

“New Year suitcase pixelation” by Lyudmila Grigoryeva, head of the “Memory Factory” cartoon laboratory and pupils of the “Forest Fairy Tale” sanatorium and rehabilitation center for minors, will show how, using the “pixelation” technique, you can take off, disappear, reappear and instantly change outfit. And also pull out a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and many different funny items from an ordinary suitcase. And for all these tricks, you only need a camera, a tripod and a creative idea.

Animation is a kind of art in which a synthesis of genres is a priori, from painting and graphics to cinema and music. And this gives great opportunities for extraordinary presentation of news content. The channel provides for the placement of weekly news blocks dedicated to significant events and phenomena in the field of Russian and world animation. Materials designed for the widest audience are not only informative, but also fascinating. It combines all forms of information presentation – video, text and infographics. In addition, each material is complemented by bright accents of photographs, drawings and even comics.

Events for animation lovers, children, parents and teachers of children’s studios, as well as new items from our video collection are already waiting for you at!

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