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Adress: 127427, 21-1, Akademika Koroleva str., Moscow, Russia

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Tel.: + 7 (495) 577-70-97


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Multilandia is a children’s entertainment and development TV channel of the SMF studio.

Parents trust us with the most valuable things, and we do our best to give children unforgettable emotions and lots of fun! More than 15 million viewers watch us every month – all because we broadcast modern animated series and full-length cartoons, long-awaited premieres, educational programs, social projects, and, of course, favorite characters!

The main target audience is children from 4 to 12 years old, as well as their parents.

We invite you to the land of adventure and new knowledge “Multilandia”, where the main thing is the child. Here you can do everything: outwit the Wolf from “Well, Wait!”, go to Prostokvashino, make a wish from a Meow, defeat space harpies with Krutiks, uncover the secrets of Honey Valley, cook lunch with Buba, and also learn how the world works together with Fixies.

The meeting place with the heroes of childhood cannot be changed!

Multilandia is a country of good cartoons!