New Musical Season of Space Doctor Cat Premiering on Key Platforms

Доктор Кот празднует год

Premiering on its first birthday is Russia’s most relevant project of the year – the animated series for kids Space Doctor Cat in which kids are educated about healthy lifestyle, hygiene, and safety in the form of a play.

The first music album in the animation brand’s history, Space Doctor Cat is now available on key music platforms Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube music, Deezer, TikTok, Boom, Joox, Zed+, Gracenote, Spinlet, Zvooq, Boomplay Music, Shazam, Yandex Music.

The making of the debut album involved some well-known composers: Aleksey Khevlev, a Russian Guinness Book record holder, musical prodigy, composer, and piano player who heard a ‘Bravo!’ shouted to him by Mstislav Rostropovich himself; and Nikolay Vasiliev, a young and talented composer and sound designer who has created hits for commercial videos of such brands as Google, Yandex, Bundesliga, Gett, wrote the background music for the channels MATCH TV and Kazakh TV, wrote the scores for many feature films, series, and computer games. Most of the tracks are performed by Darya and Dmitry Yefremov, voice talents for animated films and series, theater and film actors. The original idea was developed with the help of the legendary Hollywood scriptwriter Jack Enyart who has authored such animation masterpieces as Alvin and the Chipmunks, Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny, etc.

Thanks to music platforms, the tracks of Space Doctor Cat are now accessible from any device with any operating system. They can also be played offline which means you can enjoy your favorite tracks even on an airplane or when you are away on vacation.

The musical project also premiered on the TV channel Mult i Muzyka in November.

The musical season of Space Doctor Cat where the characters of the series became 2D was finished in late September 2020. The album is comprised of 10 tracks about safety, health, hygiene, and fun pastime, created with the participation of child psychology experts and pediatricians. The songs are in various musical genres including folk rock, dance pop, orchestra music. Some of the tracks are fast and funny encouraging kids to move around and dance, and some are calm and peaceful, great to turn on before bed.

Young fans of the animated series and their parents have been supporting the project by participating in the flash-mob Dance with the Cat taking place on Instagram. To participate, you need to repeat moves after the cartoon characters with the music from the album Space Doctor Cat. The brand already has over 25 thousand active followers. ‘The project keeps raising interest day after day. The follower gain rate has reached 100% over the last 2 months. The project stands every chance to surpass more “adult” projects,’ claims Natalia Ivanova-Dostoevskaya, RED CARPET STUDIO’s deputy general producer for development of animation business.

Over the year, the brand Space Doctor Cat has reached a certain success. The first season came out in the form of a stop-motion animation featuring 26 5-min episodes. Season two is a set of 10 2D musical episodes. They were translated into English and Chinese. The rights for the series were purchased for broadcasting on the territory of each country of the world, and it is already available on most of the big online platforms.
Space Doctor Cat engages in charity and socially oriented projects on a regular basis. Among those are fundraisers for seriously ill kids – Mdvideo, the cerebral palsy awareness project Dobroshrift, and others. There is a special version created for kids with hearing and vision impairment. The largest medical journal – DNA Health – has a personal monthly section with the brand.

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