Pampers panties are now with “BabyRiki” — for growing with comfort and joy!

Pampers announces a partnership with the animation brand “BabyRiki” and presents a limited series of panties featuring the characters.

Pampers brand sees its goal as healthy and happy development of all babies, and for this purpose it develops convenient and high-quality products. Because when babies feel comfortable and dry, they can actively develop: play, explore the world, learn to communicate and make friends, be kind and brave. Just like the characters of the animated series “BabyRiki”, which is already loved by millions of kids and their parents!

Diapers-panties # 1*[1] in Russia and the first Russian animated series for babies have entered into a collaboration to help little girls and boys develop with comfort and joy. For the first time the images of the “BabyRiki” characters appeared on the packaging and the panties! Now parents can turn a diaper change into a fun game and be sure that the baby is provided with dryness and comfort, thanks to the anatomical fit, instant absorption technology and breathable materials. These panties are suitable for all little fidgets, starting from 4 months, and they will be able to actively explore the world, develop and play together with their favorite “BabyRiki” characters.

Natalia Shalay, commercial Director of the “Children’s hygiene” category at Procter & Gamble in Eastern Europe:

“The collaboration with “BabyRiki” was a logical step for us, since this animated series and its characters carry the same values as the Pampers brand. High-quality and comfortable products of the Pampers brand, as well as fascinating, instructive stories of the “BabyRiki” characters contribute to the happy and healthy development of children. We hope that our new design will appeal to our consumers and make the process of changing diapers more enjoyable for both babies and their parents.”

Alexandra Artemyeva, the Producer of the “BabyRiki” project:

“We are very attentive to the age and quality line of licensed products under the brand “BabyRiki” because our expertise is trusted by millions of parents. For “BabyRiki” Pampers is one of the key brand-building partnerships that harmoniously complements the ecosystem of safe products around the brand. The values of our brands converge and complement each other, focusing on common target audience. We are glad that our collaboration has taken place, and it has turned out to be such a wonderful product that, like the cartoon, will be loved by our young viewers.”

Play and grow:

dry at night, comfortable during the day!

   About the animated series “BabyRiki”:

“BabyRiki” is Russia’s first animated entertainment and educational project for children from 0 to 4 years old, which premiered at the end of 2015. The series covers all areas of a child’s life from birth – health, physical development, cognition, socialization, work and creativity. The project was developed with the participation of child psychologists and methodologists and takes into account all the peculiarities of children’s age.

About the Pampers® brand:

Pampers® – brand of disposable diapers, created in 1961. Pampers® diapers are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. In Russia, the Pampers® brand has been first introduced in 1995 and is the market leader[2] in the diaper category. The quality and safety of Pampers® products fully meets the requirements of Russian legislation, and the comfort and dryness are enjoyed by Russian babies and their parents.

[1] Based on Nielsen RMS data for the diapers category in the panty segment for the 12 months ended 31.03.20, for the General retail market in Russia, valid as of 29.04.20. (© AC NILSEN, Ltd. 2020)

[2] Based on Nielsen RMS data for the diapers category in the panty segment for the 12 months ended 31.03.20, for the General retail market in Russia, valid as of 21.05.20. (© AC NILSEN, Ltd. 2020)

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