RED CARPET STUDIO KIDS’ animations premiered on China’s biggest media platforms

Two Russian animation projects by RED CARPET STUDIO (its animation division RED CARPET STUDIO KIDS), Space Doctor Cat and Blinky and Knobby, premiered simultaneously on China’s biggest media platforms this week.

The edutaining puppet show called Space Doctor Cat attracted Chinese distributors with its unique brave format where each episode mimics children playing with toys. The project is unmatched both in Russia and China so the success of this ambitious enterprise was foreseeable. The project’s Chinese partners especially appreciate its social mission: this puppet show aims at encouraging children to maintain a healthy lifestyle, promotes family values, teaches children to treat their own health and safety with responsibility.

Space Doctor Cat is available on three digital platforms: Xiaomi (OTT), Huawei (OTT) and Huahong (IPTV).

The Blinky and Knobby animated series is currently available to the users of China’s largest video service IQIYI, which is known as the Chinese Netflix, as well as the Qingzhuliandong company (which is the content operation company for China Guizhou provincial cable operator) and the main digital cable television operators on the Huahong (IPTV), Huawei (OTT), Xiaomi (OTT) platforms.

«The Space Doctor Cat brand actively participates in social and charitable events. In Russia its Instagram has had 6000 new followers in the last month. The work on the musical season which is to be distributed in China and Latin America is coming to an end. It is soon planned to premiere on English-speaking platforms in the USA and Canada. The Blinky and Knobby animated series also awaits its premiere on other platforms in Eastern Asia’, said Natalia Ivanova-Dostoevskaya, RED CARPET STUDIO’s deputy general producer of the development of the animation business.

It was Beijing Joy Culture Media Co., Ltd. (JCM), the Beijing-based leading international company in the field of creating, distributing and marketing children’s animation and home entertainment, that bought the rights for the distribution of Space Doctor Cat and Blinky and Knobby.

‘International development of animated series is one of the new fields for RED CARPET STUDIO. It’s growing actively and yielding good results from the business perspective. Regardless of the difficulties with dubbing this spring due to the pandemic, we are grateful to our partners for ensuring timely performance and we are planning to continue our cooperation on current projects and those to come’, commented RED CARPET STUDIO’s general producer Anton Kalinkin.

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