Riki Group holds the first licensing online conference

On the May 21, 2020, the first online partner conference was held for the Russian licensing market. The event is being organized by Riki Group with the support of Yandex, Russia’s leading digital and tech company. During the event Riki Group’s rebranding, plans for the development of key brands, and the launch of new animation projects were announced. The online event was made for manufacturers, retailers, event and gaming industry professionals, experts and media representatives from the local and area markets.

One of the main topics of the conference was the innovative principle of selling licensed products, where the path from viewing content to choosing a product in an online store will take one or two “clicks”. Special attention was paid to promoting licensed products through Yandex virtual trading platforms.

Riki Group also announced the launch of an accelerator for attracting innovative ideas.

“We wanted to tell our partners not only about the changes that have taken place in Riki Group over the past year, but also about our strategic plans for developing and expanding our capabilities on online platforms, which were outlined thanks to our partnership with Yandex,” said Ilya Popov, Founder and General Producer of Riki Group “Today it is necessary to search for new niches and forms of communication with the audience for successful sales, use AR/VR technologies, and increase the audience’s emotional engagement constantly. We, as rights holders, view our licensees as partners with whom we are working together in this direction.”

The organizers emphasize that the event itself in its online format is not only a forced measure during the pandemic, but also a new opportunity that will attract participants from different regions of Russia, significantly expanding the event’s reach compared to the traditional in person approach.

“The relationship between licensors and licensees is a civilized form of market based on respect for the results of other people’s work and intellectual property rights. That is why, in times of crisis, we consider it important to offer our partners new ways that will serve the common good. We rely on the development of technology and the digital direction. Now this is where a breakthrough in customer relations is expected. With a delicate and competent interaction with a viewer, we can instantly turn him or her into a grateful buyer of licensed products,” commented Maya Moskvicheva, General Director of the licensing Agency “Marmalad Media”.

The conference speakers were: Ilya Popov, Founder and General producer of Riki group, Mark Zavadsky, Managing Director of Riki Group, Maya Moskvicheva, General Director of the rights management Agency Marmalad Media, Julia Nikolaeva, Director of strategic partnerships of Riki Group, Julia Sofronova, producer of the Fixies project, Olga Filipuk, content Director of Kinopoisk HD, Svetlana Perlovskaya, head of children’s products of Yandex media services, Anastasia Zhiteneva, commercial director of Yandex media services.

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