‘Babyriki’ and ‘Finnick’ by the Riki Group of companies on air and at theaters in Romania

Riki group of companies projects in Romania

Popular animation projects by the Riki Group of Companies expand the geography. The ‘Babyriki’ animated series was launched on the air of the Romanian children’s music TV channel TraLaLa TV – the first television station in Romania that focuses on children’s music content.

The full-meter feature ‘Finnick’ was successfully released at cinema theaters of the country.

‘We have been cooperating with TraLaLa for a long time. The channel is responsible for promoting our Romanian-language content on YouTube, and we hope that ‘Babyriki’ on the new TV channel will be as popular as they have become on the video hosting. When launching a TV channel, the partner selects only projects that children love, high-quality educational and musical content. And we are very flattered to learn that Tralala TV has chosen ‘Babyriki” – commented Yulia Nemchina, the CEO of Riki Group.

The premiere of the animated feature film ‘Finnick‘ also took place in Romania. The project was launched in 85 cinemas of the country, and in the first weeks of the rental was in the top of the leaders. According to the data from the distributor, the adventures of the house ‘Finnick’ were seen by 70 thousand viewers, and the total fees exceeded 300 thousand dollars.

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