Riki Group Partners with VlogBox: More access to useful kid content on CTV/OTT

Riki Group announces a partnership with VlogBox, an omnichannel video content distribution, and monetization company. Through this strategic partnership, Riki Group seeks to enlarge its audiences across new markets and serve their content via the CTV environment. As the first step of collaboration, VlogBox rolls out CTV apps for Fixies, Kikoriki, and the Pincode series.

Entering  new markets with CTV apps

Riki Group entrusts VlogBox with the development of CTV apps — analog to ‘channels’ — for a number of animated series. VlogBox will also fully support its new partner in reaching  CTV viewers across the USA and Canada. As Riki Group shows are broadcast in over 90 countries, entering the new markets of North America will widen their coverage.

“Our company promotes compassion, education, and creative thinking through animation, which, according to our observations, leaves neither kids nor adults indifferent”, — a Riki Group member said. 

“Technological innovations are all-round and multichannel, thus taking content consumption to the next level. Now, it will be easier to reach out to our audiences through the CTV/OTT channel that brings superior technology capabilities for streamers and the best-in-class user experience. Hence, we have found it to be the perfect environment to serve and distribute our content, and do that with maximum comfort for our viewers.

At this stage, VlogBox has become the right partner for us. We expect to deliver a stunning and straightforward user experience to our viewers, leveraging VlogBox’s audience-first approach.

We’re also looking forward to expanding the geographic diversity of our viewers. Precisely, one of our most warmly welcomed animations, ‘Kikoriki, Pincode and Fixies’, will be shown to more people globally.”

What VlogBox brings to the table

One of the determining reasons why Riki Group has joined forces with VlogBox is the clear and straightforward process behind serving and promoting video content within the CTV environment. Essentially, it takes agreeing on brand identity and UX/UI for the future CTV app to be conceived, followed by a stage of development, testing, and approving the app with every CTV platform. Once the app is published, VlogBox provides full content distribution and monetization of it.

“We’re proud to partner with Riki Group, who keep their focus on the viewers and, therefore, create valuable and inspiring content with a purpose. From our end, we at VlogBox are all set to empower our new partners with technology and marketing expertise in OTT/CTV, and to help them win the hearts and minds of their new audiences. I believe this collaboration will bring much delight to both sides, but crucially to the families who will consume the content within this advantageous project. We expect a fruitful and long-term cooperation. Just stay tuned,” — Nikita Platonenko, CEO at VlogBox.

About Riki Group

Riki Group has been one of the leaders of the Russian animation market for over 17 years. Specializing in the creation, management, licensing, and promotion of media brands, Riki Group has a rich portfolio of properties for kids of all ages and family audiences. The shows created by the company have been translated into over 50 languages and broadcast in more than 90 countries across Russia, the CIS States, and the European Union.

About Vlogbox

VlogBox is a global video content distribution and monetization platform helping animation studios, movie content companies, and independent video content creators reach their audiences across the OTT/CTV environment. With over 250 live CTV apps under their belt, VlogBox allows video creators to reach audiences across more than 14 platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. From hosting, encoding, and video content streaming to custom app development, as well as efficient monetization and advertising, VlogBox provides fully-fledged content distribution services.

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