Address: 197101, Saint-Petersburg, Petrogradskaya emb., 34A

Phone: +7 (812) 777-77-88

E-mail: office@riki.team

Website: Riki.team

Facebook: Riki.team


Technique: 3D, 2D, relocation, combined (3D+video, 3D+2D)


The Riki Group is a leading Russian company in the field of creation, management, licensing and promotion of animated media brands for the widest family audience in the territories of Russia, CIS countries and the European Union. Today the Riki Group includes 18 companies: a production center; four animation studios, including one of the largest in Russia – Animation studio “Petersburg”; Russia’s first multi-brand licensing agency Marmelad Media; online publishing company; educational games and children’s literature publisher, as well as life action short form content for kids production company 4Screens  and franchise network of children’s clubs and entertainment centers. This Group’ structure allows to the Riki Group to carry out complete work cycle, such as creation, promotion and commercial exploitation of media brands.