Russian animation production compagnies on MIPCOM Online +

Российская анимация на MIPCOM Online 2020

Over 30 Russian companies will present their new series, films, TV formats and animation at MIPCOM Online+, 24 of them working at the joint virtual “Made in Russia” stand, organized by Russian Export Center.

This year “Made in Russia” delegation includes Art Pictures Distribution, Planeta Inform Group of companies, Yellow Black and White, SREDA Production company, Sputnik Vostok Production, Russian World Vision, Odin media, Mirsand, All Media, Star Media, Revolution Film, Mars Media, Igmar, “Festival Eralash” company,animation studios Soyuzmultfilm, Riki Group of Companies, Aeroplan Studio, Parovoz animation studio,Wizart, Agama Film company, studios “brand4rent” and “100 kilowatt”, post-production companies Flysoundand Cyrillica. Aside from the national stand, MIPCOM Online+ attracts major Russian productions, channels and distributors, including Central PartnershipGPM ETV, NTV, Melnitsa Animation Studio, 1-2-3 Production, Signal Media, Sovtelexport, Digital Television Russia, Studio Friday, Metrafilms and others.

Melnitsa Animation Studio will offer its animated series – “Moonzy”, which currently gained over 9 billion views on Youtube, and “The Barkers” with more than 6 billion views. The company will also present a movie “The Barkers: Mind the Cats!” based on the TV series. Together with the master agent Ink Group, CTB film company has scheduled online negotiations with TV companies and digital platforms from Eastern Europe, MENA, Italy, France, Turkey and Germany.

Soyuzmultfilm offers four animated series aimed at different age groups. The animated series “Claymotions” for early pre-schoolers, which is created in a rare technique of clay animation, 2D-animated series “Captain Kraken and his crew” for ages 3-5  and already  popular in Russia, the reboot of the classic Soviet animated series “Mr Theo, Cat & Dog” for children of 4-6 years old. The key premieres will be a new detective series “The Secrets of Honey Hill” for 4-6 year-olds, produced with the engine for computer games, and “Rockoons”, a brand new musical series for the youngest audience. Another flagship novelty is an experimental IP for a teenage audience – “Adventures of Peter & Wolf”, which will move the fairytale characters into the modern world.

The Studio will also look for co-production partners for two more projects inspired by the masterpieces of Soviet animation. This is a 3D reboot of the popular gag-сomedy “I’ll Get You!” in Russia and the world, as well as an animated series about the adventures of a polar bear named Umka.

RIKI Group will show a series for preschoolers “Tina & Tony”, which will will premiere on France TV this fall, “The Fixies” produced by the Aeroplane animation studio, “BabyRiki” and “PinCode”, an edutainment spin-off of Kikoriki series. The company also brings “Beardy Bodo” and “Question Club” to the market – new projects will be presented to the international buyers, besides Beardy Bodo will be a part of the showcase of new Russian animated projects. Within the market, RIKI Group will announce deals for “The Fixies” project with Da Vinci Media (the deal covers multiple territories) and the Hopster platform.

Apart from the well-known “Snow Queen: Keepers of Wonders”, Studio Wizart brings its work-in-progress “In My Backpack”, a story about a three-year-old boy Grisha.

brand4rent presents “Flora&Team” series produced by Klaxon Production, focusing on ecology and consumption issues, and the “Monsikids”, already known to the international audience in Europe and China.

 Parovoz Animation Studio will present at MIPCOM four new work-in-progress projects, looking for partners for co-production: the comedy “Amazing cafe”, to be shown at the Made in Russia showcase, “Spaceport” about the distant future, the musical “Boo the Cat and the Good boy” and “Tweetville”.

The key projects represented by Digital Television Russia and produced by Parovoz Animation Studio are  “Be-be-bears” about the adventures of two tireless amusing bears, “Fantasy Patrol” about four young sorceresses, “Puppies and Kittens” – the story about kids and their relationships with the world around, the series “Cathy Quest”  focusing on the adventures of a girl Cathy and her friend Ef, and “Heroes of Envell” about four schoolmates gamers.

Agama Film, founded by co-producer of the “Masha and the Bear” series Dmitry Loveiko, will present its key animated series “Fairy-teens”. The company plans the sales of the project to European countries and other territories.

Animation studio “100 KILOWATT” presents four animated series for preschoolers – edutainment series “Homies”, which was released on the Youku platform in China, “Eager Beaver” previously sold to Israel, Finland, Kazakhstan, Serbia and Albania, new animated series for boys “Nick the Inventor”, which was released on the Mango TV platform in China, and “Magic Kitchen” that has already been broadcasted in China and at the moment it is preparing to be released in Kazakhstan.

Platoshka Animation Studio will show three projects – educational musical “Beadies”, series “Agatha the Garden Queen” and “Been-In-Use Cat”, looking for co-production partners.

Russian post-production services will also be presented at MIPCOM this year. Flysound, a sound production and post-production company for films, television, music, advertising, and promotional productions, operating out of its own studio complex premises, plans to present its services at the film market, find international production projects for co-production, as well as projects for co-production with foreign colleagues in post-production. Post-production company Cyrillica also became a market participant this year.

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