Russian animation studios are preparing for close cooperation with the Shanghai Cooperation organization member states

RAFA and SCO countries members

In 2023, Russian animation studios will begin close cooperation with partners from the SCO member states. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization includes 8 member States (China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan), as well as observer States (Afghanistan, Iran, Mongolia, Belarus, Cambodia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Nepal) and dialogue partner States (Turkey and Sri Lanka).

The first seminar “Creative Economy of the SCO member states” organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation was held in an online format. The seminar resulted in agreements on a program of joint events that will start this year.
The seminar was attended by RAFA CEO Irina Mastusova, Director General of CCTV Animation Group Cai Zhijun, Executive Vice President of the Animation Film Association of China, Aidar Omarov financial analyst of the Kazakhanimation State development Program, producer of animated films Aibike Rakhimzhanova.

The interaction of creative industries, including animation studios, will take place in several directions. At the moment, contacts of potential partners are being exchanged. RAFA submitted to the seminar participants a proposal to pitch projects of SCO member countries’ companies to search for possible collaborations, as well as to send out invitations to upcoming industrial events to be held in Russia in 2023. An end-to-end calendar of projects and industrial events for producers and distributors of content and media will be developed. In June 2023 The Russian delegation will take part in the China International Cartoon&Animation Festival (CICAF) in China with the support of the Moscow Export Center.

The seminar discussed the role of animation in the creative industries, the qualitative leap of the studios of the SCO member states in the development of animation content production, measures for the implementation of joint projects for the production of animation content, technologies and practices that will bring the content of the SCO member states to a new level.

Irina Mastusova presented the animation film industry of Russia and a number of successful cases of collaborations of Russian majors – the Riki Group of Companies, SMF Studio, CTC Media, Voronezh Studios, Kinoatis, Melnitsa, Animaccord, Parovoz with partners from the SCO member states.

The RAFA CEO cited statistics of constant growth in the production of Russian animation: volume – more than 20 billion rubles, 150 hours of new content over the past year, more than 5,000 types of licensed products, the volume of the licensed revenue market – 3 billion rubles, the volume of exports – 7 billion rubles. To date, more than 80 companies and more than 5,000 people work in the Russian animation industry.
According to Mastusova, the Russian animation industry owes such growth primarily to the support of the state and state institutions: the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Cinema Foundation, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the Russian Export Center, ROSKINO, the Moscow Export Center and the Agency for Creative Industries of Moscow.

Irina Mastusova thanked the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation for cooperation and for organizing the seminar, which will give rise to a new round of the presence of Russian creative industries in the SCO member states:

‘I would like to place special emphasis on the development of joint projects of the SCO member states. We are ready to offer an industrial forum on creative industries and animation cinema. The priority area of cooperation is the organization of content distribution between our countries. We will do everything possible to ensure that Russia distributes content to the SCO countries as much as possible. The Association of Animated Films sets itself a difficult task: to ensure that Russian animation content is widely presented in the SCO member countries, and we would know the animation products of our partners better. Children of all SCO member states will be able to watch Russian cartoons.’

Animation is one of the key industries of the creative economies of different countries and demonstrates stable growth. Animated films are considered the most suitable products for promotion in foreign markets due to the unique images and universal values presented in the content. Russian animation is making notable progress in foreign markets, new opportunities for various collaborations, exchange of experience and resources are emerging.

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