Slashcheva: Soyuzmultfilm’s Revenue in 2021 is 1 billion Rubles

The revenue of the film studio “Soyuzmultfilm” in 2021 amounted to 1 billion rubles, said the chairman of the board of directors of “Soyuzmultfilm” Yuliana Slashcheva during the “Workshop of New Media”. This was reported by RIA-Novosti.

“30 million losses in 2016 and a billion in revenue this year,” Slashcheva said.
She added that the pace of animation production has increased significantly over the past few years.

“Today we are a real factory for the production of animated content, at the same time we are currently working on 16 animated series and three full meters, three more are in development. That is, we constantly, daily produce a huge amount of animated children’s content. about 6-7 new episodes, new series. Just think: in Soviet times, during the legendary “Soyuzmultfilm” they released 3-4 episodes a year. That is, for example, one episode of “Prostokvashino”, which consisted of seven minutes, could be done 2-3 years, and today we release “Prostokvashino” two episodes a month “, – said Yuliana Slashcheva.

She added that Soyuzmultfilm is not going to produce animation for adults with its own money, as it is economically ineffective; cartoons and animated series for preschoolers and primary school students are more popular.

We are also happy to announce that the best cartoons of Russian authors can be soon viewed on the social platform of Russian author’s animation, which the Russian Animated Film Association is preparing to launch in December 2021.

The platform will be free and publicly available. It is the author’s animation as a cultural asset that has been chosen as a priority direction of the project; this type of animation acquaints the viewer with a variety of art forms, encouraging him to creative activity.

The Opening of the Platform of Author’s Russian Animation will take place in December 2021.The project “Social platform for children and parents, uniting and popularizing the best works of Russian author’s animation for 30 years” is carried out using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.


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