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Out-of-This-World Russian Animated Series on International Platforms

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Animated series Blinky & Knobby and Space Doctor Cat are now available on the platforms of the largest transcontinental online cinemas. Large distribution companies Janson Media and Joy Media Beijing specializing in digital video services have purchased licensing rights for the first and the second seasons of the animated series Blinky & Knobby and Space Doctor Cat produced by RED CARPET STUDIO.


During this holiday season, the animated series Space Doctor Cat premiered on one of the largest digital platforms Amazon Prime Video on the territory of the USA and Great Britain. The broadcasting geography is expected to expand via other digital platforms all around the world. Season Two of Space Doctor Cat is scheduled to premiere on the digital services of China in February 2021 once the dubbing to Chinese is finished.


The first seasons of Blinky & Knobby and Space Doctor Cathave been available on China’s largest digital platforms since last year.


Blinky & Knobby is a non-dialogue 3D web-series aimed at 2–4-year-olds. It’s a story of two alien creature friends. Knobby is a funny purple creature and Blinky is pink. Their spaceship is a cloud. After a crash, Blinky and Knobby fall from the sky into a forest and meet inhabitants of the Earth. The place is new to them, so they constantly get into awkward situations. But the two friends never give up and solve all their misdoings. The first season comprises 26 episodes. The Russian premiere of Blinky & Knobby was in April 2019 on the online platform IVI.ru.


Space Doctor Cat is a learning-oriented project for toddlers. In the form of a play, it teaches the youngest about the basics of a healthy lifestyle, hygiene, and safety. It is a story of a Cat that lives in an imaginary galaxy and works as a doctor. Space Doctor Cat flies a spacecraft and helps the inhabitants of various planets. The first season comprised 26 5-minute episodes of the puppet show. The second season consists of 10-minute-long 2D animated episodes.


In Russia. The series is available on the streaming platform CHILL, on the brand’s official page on Instagram, on the TV channel Mult I Muzyka, and you can listen to it on Apple Music, Itunes, Spotify, Youtube music, Deezer, TikTok, Boom, Joox, Zed+, Gracenote, Spinlet, Zvooq, Boomplay Music, Shazam, Yandex music.


RED CARPET STUDIO is working on pilot episodes for new series that will come out this year.






Amazon (Amazon.com, Inc.) is a US company, the largest one on e-commerce and public cloud computing markets in terms of revenue and market capitalization. Amazon Prime Video is Amazon’s online video service that allows paid access to TV programs, films, original content (produced by Amazon Studios), and other producers under the Amazon Prime subscription. Subscription conditions are different for different countries.


Janson Media is an independent company based in New York City. It specializes in worldwide digital, TV and non-theatrical distribution. The company has global reach, having licensed content to virtually every country in the world, and its clients include major broadcasters and home-entertainment companies. The company has direct relationships with such major digital video platforms as Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, Twitch, Hulu, Facebook, Tubi, Roku, Pluto, Peacock, InDemand, and others.

Joy Media Beijing is a Beijing-based leading international company in producing, utilizing, and marketing children’s content in the area of animation and entertainment. It focuses on Russian animation and has already released a large number of Chinese versions of wonderful Russian animations. According to Joy Media Beijing officials, the company’s objective is to provide Chinese kids and their parents with the best entertainment animation and programs. The company handles the adapting of animated series to the conditions of the Asian market, registers copyrights and trademarks, distributes content, handles the licensing and sales of goods, develops books, produces original animations, co-products, as well as purchases and distributes copyrights for various content.