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Riki Group, Alibaba Group and Russian Export Center sign a trilateral agreement on strategic partnership

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11 September 2018, Vladivostok.  Riki Group, a leading Russian animation holding based in St. Petersburg, Chinese company Alibaba Cultural Media and Entertainment Group, an affiliate of world leading e-commerce holding Alibaba Group, and Russian Export Center JSC have signed an agreement on strategic partnership at Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok on the margins of the meeting of the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin and the President of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Xi Jinping.

The agreement was signed by General Producer of Riki Group, Mr Ilya Popov, General Director of YouKu Animation Center, Alibaba Cultural Media and Entertainment Group, Mr Sun Geng and General Director of Russian Export Center JSC, Mr Andrey Slepnev.

The parties have agreed to cooperate at a strategic level in the spheres of financing, production, promotion and distribution in China and the rest of the world of new animated content produced in Russia and licensed products and merchandise associated with this content.  The main platform for promotion of new media projects in China will be YouKu, the biggest video hosting service in China, which is owned by Alibaba Group.

“We continue our cooperation with the biggest Chinese companies on co-production of new content, which has started a year ago with “Panda and Krash” series.  By signing this extensive agreement with Alibaba Group we increase and strengthen our presence in the Chinese market, – comments VP, International business development and distribution of Riki Group, Mrs Diana Yurinova. – We are launching a pool of several animation projects, which are expected to be equally interesting not only for our two countries, but for the rest of the world too.  Alibaba Group is a strong strategic partner, which will allow to introduce our newly co-produced content with maximum coverage to the Chinese audience, whose requirements for the quality of kids content are growing every year.”

“YouKu pays particular attention to our partnership and collaboration with Riki Group.  We hope that our work together opens new opportunities for efficient cooperation in the sphere of animation industry of China and Russia, – notes General Director of YouKu Animation Center, Albaba Cultural Media and Entertainment Group, Mr Sun Geng.

“International co-production and distribution in the sphere of content production is one of the most important spheres of international business development.  Russian Export Center actively supports export oriented projects, which can strengthen Russia’s positive image abroad.  Partnership of Riki Group and Alibaba Group on development, production and distribution in China and the rest of the world of new animated content created in Russia will reinforce and significantly increase business exchanges of both of our countries,” – says Head of Russian Export Center, Mr Andrey Slepnev.

The Forth Eastern Economic Forum is taking place on the campus of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on Russky Island (Vladivostok, Ajax Bay) on September 11 – 13, 2018 in Vladivostok .

RIKI GROUP is a leading animation holding in Russia specializing in animation production, licensing, distribution, and promotion of animation brands for a family audience.  Established in 2003, Riki Group has been a leader in Russian animation and licensing market for 15 years with 100% brands recognition rate among family audiences. Riki Group is internationally famous for its flagship IP’s: Kikoriki, BabyRiki, and PINCODE.

Alibaba Cultural Media and Entertainment Group is an affiliate of Alibaba Group, which specializes in cultural and entertainment sphere.  As part of the main strategic line of Alibaba Group “Joy + Health”, Alibaba Cultural Media and Entertainment Group is responsible for realization of “Joy” program for the upcoming several decades and also selects and acquires the content for the biggest Chinese video service YouKu.

Russian Export Center JSC is a State-owned development institute established by the Government to support the development of the non-commodity exports industry/sector. REC offers a wide range of financial and non-financial support tools to benefit the Russian exporters explore the foreign markets and build capacity in the global trade. REC also acts as a focal point for interaction with the relevant domestic ministries and agencies and cooperates with key industries and business players in Russia to improve the export conditions in Russia and help bypass trade barriers.

Riki Group will present its brands at Moscow Licensing Summit

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Riki Group, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, will present its animation brands for a family audience at the session at “Moscow Licensing Summit”.
The following animation brands will be presented to the participants of the business conference: “Kikoriki”, “PINCODE”, “BabyRiki”, “Tina & Tony”, “My Toy Panda”, “Beardy Bodo”, “Tommy the Little Dragon”, “Burenka Dasha” and “Ricky the Dinosaur”.

In 2017 – 2018 Riki Group has not only once again confirmed its leading position in the Russian animation industry, but it has significantly strengthened the positions of its brands all over the world. Riki Group and Petersburg Animation Studio constantly keep at least 10 new projects in the pipeline, both feature and TV series. The company works with more than 100 licensees, which produce 6000 items in 40 product categories. With the super successful brands in portfolio, which is constantly growing, creative and technological capabilities of the same level with large international studios, Riki Group is one of the main market leaders among Russian animation companies in the international market.

Riki Group’s representatives will be available for a meeting during networking sessions at table 6. Please don’t forget to register for the event at the official website of the summit http://licensingsummit.ru.

Kikoriki. DejaVu (aka «The Time Team») is released in the UK!

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Kikoriki, a leading Russian animation brand, continues with the successful international distribution.  The third film of Kikoriki animated features franchise, an adventure comedy Kikoriki. DejaVu, is now available across all digital platforms in the UK, including iTunes, Sky Store, Amazon Prime and many others as «The Time Team».

The UK distributor, Signature Entertainment, secured the rights to the picture via a deal with an Odin’s Eye Entertainment, who represents the Kikoriki feature film franchise internationally. In 2016, Signature Entertainment also acquired the second film in the franchise : The Legend of the Golden Dragon (aka : Super Furry Animals).

Launched in 2011, Signature Entertainment is one of the leading names in the UK film distribution.  Signature has released over 600 titles into the UK market since inception, leading the way with innovative, bold ways of releasing and quality productions.

Animated feature films about Kikoriki have been distributed in over 25 countries around the world.  Kikoriki animated TV Series is available on Netflix since July 2017.

Kikoriki. DejaVu in official competition program of WFAF Varna 2018

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Animated feature comedy “Kikoriki. DejaVu”, a co-production of Riki Group and production company “Art Pictures Studio”, produced at Petersburg Animation Studio with the support of Russian Cinema Fund and Rostelecom company, has been selected for the official competition program of the 14th World Festival of Animated Films “Varna 2018”. The Festival will take place from 12th to 16th September 2018.

World Festival of Animated Films in Varna is one of the most prestigious world forums on animation, with the history dating back to 1979. This year the competition program consists of six categories. “Kikoriki. DejaVu” directed by Denis Chernov will compete for the award in ‘Feature Films’ category together with five other contenders.

The screening will take place on September 15 at 11 am local time. Dmitry Yakovenko, one of the scriptwriters, will represent the film at the Festival. The winners will be announced on September 16, 2018.

For more information on the Festival and the program please visit the official website of the Festival.

Production Centre “Riki” has announced the results of the animation projects’ contest

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Production Centre “Riki” has announced the results of the animation projects’ contest, which took place from 3 to 13 May 2018.

The jury was considering projects of animated TV serieses for children and teenagers, which consisted of short project bibles and draft graphics.  In total 36 submissions were received from Russia and CIS countries.

The winner is a project of an animated TV series ‘Channel Tima” (Pavel Nikiforov, Maxim Kulikov, Irinz Borisenko).  The authors will be offered to continue with the project’s development together with the Production Center Riki.  Production Center Riki congratulates the winners and thanks all the participants for submissions!

The next contest will take place in approximately in October 2018, please look after the announcements on our website and FB group.

Kikoriki. DejaVu will be screened in Panorama program of Shanghai International Film Festival

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Annual International Film Festival will be taking place in Shanghai from 16 to 15 June 2018.  This year the Festival is organized for the 21st time and has received more than 3000 submissions from 108 countries and regions.

Animated feature comedy “Kikoriki. DejaVu”, which was released in Russia on 26 April 2018, will be screened in Panorama program on 16, 17 and 24 June.  Here is a detailed festival program with the screening schedules of animated films:


Vladimir Putin congratulated Kikoriki on the 15th anniversary!

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On June 1, International Day for Protection of Children, the flagship of modern Russian animation, the Kikoriki project, turned 15 years old. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, congratulated the project’s creative team on its anniversary.

Officially congratulating the project’s creators, the President stated, “It is symbolic that on June 1 of this year on International Day for Protection of Children, the Kikoriki project is celebrating 15 since its launch. Since then, the Kikoriki have become some of the most important favorite characters in modern animation. Their sincerity and kindness have won the hearts of millions of viewers, not only in Russia but far beyond its borders as well.”

Vladimir Putin pointed out the professionalism of the project’s creators, the relevance of the issues presented, and their role in educating children as well as the project team’s continuation of Russia’s animation traditions. “And, of course, I value the great professionalism of the project’s creative team and its active participation in key charitable, educational, and awareness-raising initiatives. Such large-scale, multifaceted work deserves respect and support. I wish you continued success and all the best in the future.”

We recall that the Kikoriki project began in 2003. Since then, more than 70 hours of the animated adventures of the Kikoriki have been produced. They have been translated into 30 languages. In addition, three feature films have been released: Kikoriki: Team Invincible, Kikoriki. Legend of the Golden Dragon and Kikoriki. Deja Vu.

In Petersburg Animation Studio more than 150 unique specialists have been continuously working to create animation of the highest quality. The Studio, which is named “Petersburg”, is one of the oldest in Russia. Several dozen countries around the world have acquired the rights to show the Kikoriki feature films.

The fifteen years that have passed since the project’s launch have seen many successes such as a number of Russian and international awards, maximum worldwide distribution, particular popularity in China. There has also been a change in the external appearance of the heroes themselves: initially created in 2D, they have become more three-dimensional and more “furry”. And the quality of the animation in the feature films about these round characters now is on a par with that of leading world studios.

On May 30 the awards ceremony of specialized animation and licensing industry awards took place at Multimir Festival in Moscow

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Among the nominees were animated feature films and serieses produced in Russia, or localized for the Russian market foreign productions, released in theatres or broadcasted in Russia from January 1, 2017, and licensed products.

Riki Group’s team has received five “Multimir” awards:

  1.  PINCODE – Best Russian animated TV series according to the audience vote;
  2.  Kikoriki. DejaVu – Best Russian animated feature film according to the audience vote;
  3.  Konstantin Khabensky, BabyRiki – Best voice of the Russian animated films according to both the jury and the audience vote;
  4.  Nolik – Best male character of the Russian animated films according to the jury vote;
  5.  Kikoriki branded hoverboard with protective accessories – Best licensed product of the Russian animation industry according to the jury and the audience vote.

The winner are selected by members of the professional jury represented by the experts in animation and children consumer products industry, as well as the audience, who vote in nine nominations, including best animated TV series, best animated feature film, best character of Russian and foreign film, and the best song.

Riki Group, a leading Russian animation holding, together with Petersburg animation studio, creators of Kikoriki animation brand, are working on a new animated feature film

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New family adventure, animation comedy “My Friend Finnick” is developed by Riki Development Fund, which is part of Riki Group, in cooperation with a scriptwriter Tim Werenko, who manages US studio 3Beep and who has worked on such productions as “Pokemon”, “Winx Club”, “Polly Robocar” and “Snowqueen 3”.

“My Friend Finnick” is a story of a young spirit of the house named Finnick, who is unlucky, very kind and extremely curious. He becomes visible to humans by accident. He makes friends with a 10-year-old girls Kristen, who has recently moved into his house with her family and feels out of place. Soon all the family falls in love with Finnick and treats him like a family member.

The director of the film is Denis Chernov (Petersburg Animation Studio), the authors are Denis Chernov, Tatiana Belova (Petersburg Animation Studio) and Tim Werenko (3Beep). The producers are Ilya Popov, Ivan Polyakov, Julia Osetinskaya and Diana Yurinova.

“The most thrilling thing in this project is that we are creating and showing to the audience a world, which exists alongside our reality, our routine life, but which is invisible to us.  This is a fairytale, which unfolds in our world.  To develop this world and to show the creatures, which we have heard so much about, but have never actually seen, although they live side by side with us, is the most exciting thing for me in this project and that’s what makes it unusual”, comments Denis Chernov.