The Echo of Animatica” Goes to the Russian Regions

The IV International Festival of Children’s Animated Films “Animatika” at the ICC “ARTEK” has come to the end, but all the cartoons created as part of the event and the 2020 Art Animatica competition that preceded it will be shown in September at the “Echo of Animatics”. The program includes 15 winning cartoons and 6 projects created in Artek.

24 children who visited Artek during the festival shift became ambassadors of “Animatika” – an international competition and festival of children’s animated films in the ICC “Artek”. In this capacity, they returned to their hometowns and at the beginning of the new academic year will share with like-minded people their impressions of the festival. The Russian Animated Film Association (RAFA) organizes “Echo of Animatics” in the regions, primarily in those where the children came from.

Executive Director of RAFA and member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation Irina Mastusova: “We are proud of the quality of children’s projects, it has surpassed all the most daring expectations of the organizers, and we express our gratitude to the participants for the wonderful cartoons created for the competition and within the framework of the festival. These works will be posted on the author’s animation platform, which the Association will present this winter. ”

The program of the “Echo of Animatics” lasting 1 hour consists of 15 projects by authors – children from 9 to 16 years old, created individually or collectively in different genres and techniques, from stop motion to plasticine. The “Echo” will take place in cinemas, studios, schools and creative centers where the children are engaged. This year the program includes cartoons made in Artek “The Legend of the White Butterfly” (first place), “Kinder Surprise” (second place), “A Feast for the Whole World” (third place), “In Search of a Friend”, “Charon’s Train” (Audience Award), “There, Back, Back to Wrong” and competitive works on the theme of paintings from the world artistic heritage, selected from more than a hundred cartoons by a professional jury:

Kolobok (studio “Lavrushka”)
Persistence of memory (studio “Raduga”)
New Man (Arbat Vasilisa)
Bogatyrsky Danse (studio “Two frames”)
Think about it, people! (Cherepanova Ekaterina)
Missing (studio “Orange Cactus”)
Burlaki (individual participant Georgy Plotnikov)
Swallow (Creative Workshop “Tit”)
Prisoner (Borzikova Varvara)
Square. Art (Berseneva Ekaterina)
Plasticine gallery (studio “Orange Cactus”)
Summer at the estate (studio “Maya”) – 935 points
Gold paints by Gustav Klimt (Kolpovskaya Ksenia)
The road covered with irises (Prokhorova Ulyana)
Egyptian fairy tale (studio “Watermelon”)

Animatika is an international competition and festival of children’s animation films, which is annually held by the Animated Film Association with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in conjunction with the Artek International Children’s Center. The authors of the best entries were traditionally awarded with vouchers to the Artek ICC, but due to the 2020 quarantine restrictions, the winners went to the 9th shift in 2021. The theme and conditions for the next contest “Animatica” will be published on the RAFA website in January 2022.

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