The film «Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure» will be shown in the United States

The third part of the “Space Dogs” franchise by KinoAtis Studio will be shown in American cinemas on April 2. And on April 6, the film about four-legged astronauts “Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure” will appear on VOD platforms.

The distributor in the United States is Epic Pictures.

“We are happy that our animated blockbuster is being watched on all continents. Since April, in the United States, young viewers and their parents can see the film not only on the big screens of cinemas, but also at home. We hope that they will enjoy the new part as much as the previous ones. Our national heroes – Belka and Strelka-became known abroad thanks to the first two films of the franchise, they immediately earned the love of young viewers around the world,” comments Vadim Sotskov, General Producer of KinoAtis Studio.

Work on the international version of the flagship project of the KinoAtis Studio – “Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure” ” – was completed in July. The film was dubbed at a recording studio in Los Angeles last summer, immediately after the lifting of the strict quarantine in the United States.

The third film of the popular franchise is directed by Inna Evlannikova and is dedicated to the adventures of Belka and Strelka in the Caribbean, where they went with their friends to explore the unknown ocean.

“Space Dogs” is a popular brand not only in domestic, but also in the world of animation, so the third part has become one of the most anticipated animation projects. The list of countries to which various types of rights to show the film are sold is constantly updated: the film “Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure ” is watched in the UK, China, France, South Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The first film about four – legged astronauts – “Space Dogs ” – released in 2010. The film has been translated into 45 languages and shown in 160 countries. In 2014, a sequel was released in Russia – “Space Dogs. Moon Adventures”, and in August 2016, the film was released in the United States. Then Universal Studios became the international distributor of the project.

Do you agree, that April (April 12, we celebrate space Day!)– the most suitable month to watch movies on the theme of space, especially such fascinating movie that inspires us to strive for the stars, even if they seem far away, or to swim across the ocean, even if it seems too deep.

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