The RAFA Board Admitted Two New Members

On September 29, the Board of the RAFA took place. The Board of the Association includes 15 members – representatives of the animation industry.
During the meeting, the members of the Association voted to admit new members. There are two of them, this is the non-profit organization for the promotion of emotional education “Children about the important” and the “Flip Animation Studio” company. Today there are 64 members of the Association.

We congratulate the new members on joining the ranks of the Russian Animated Film Association!

We are also happy to announce that the best cartoons of Russian authors can be soon viewed on the social platform of Russian author’s animation, which the Russian Animated Film Association is preparing to launch in December 2021.

The platform will be free and publicly available. It is the author’s animation as a cultural asset that has been chosen as a priority direction of the project; this type of animation acquaints the viewer with a variety of art forms, encouraging him to creative activity.

The Opening of the Platform of Author’s Russian Animation will take place in December 2021.The project “Social platform for children and parents, uniting and popularizing the best works of Russian author’s animation for 30 years” is carried out using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.

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