The results of the first International Animation Festival “Multpraktika” were summed up in Voronezh

Voronezh International Animation Festival

The closing ceremony and awarding of the winners of the I International Animation Festival “Multpractika” took place at the Center for Performing Arts and Lighting Design of the Voronezh State Institute of Arts.

The short animated film “Omichka” directed by Elizaveta Skvortsova became the winner of the main prize of the festival “Multpraktika”. The best feature film of the festival was “Finniсk” by Denis Chernov. The award for the best short film was given to the film “The sprayer” by Iranian director Farnush Abedi. The prize was awarded to the chairman of the jury of the festival, the Iranian director-animator Omid Khoshnazar, who will give it to the author. The best animated series was the project “Umka”, the episode “The Trap for the Voice”, directed by Daniil Voropai.

Prizes were also awarded in various age categories. The best movie for kids was “Apple Pie” by Sergey Merinov. The prize for the best film for children was awarded to “Seed Cycle” by Francesca Antoinette Rodriguez Reyes from Peru. The best film for teenagers was “Blackbird” by Turkish director Zeynep Injetekin. The prize for the best adult film went to the director from Colombia Miguel Otalora for the film “One serving per can”.

The jury of the festival awarded the prize to the best student work, the award was given to the short cartoon “Monkey Bits” by Maria Semina. A special prize was awarded to the work of Varvara Yakovleva “Vanlav”.

Special mention of the jury went to the animated series “Tikabo”, the series “Cars”, directed by Mikhail Medvedev, as well as the short animated film “Around Vitya” directed by Vasily Korepanov.
The winners were awarded with handmade ceramic figurines made by a master artist, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Olga Guryeva

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