There are a million subscribers on the Mult Box TV YouTube channel!

The X-Media Digital team has another YouTube channel with an audience of millions. Mult Box TV is a channel with a huge collection of interesting and popular cartoons: Russian and foreign, classic and brand new, funny and touching.

The viewers of Mult Box TV are waiting for fascinating stories and incredible characters: space monkeys, funny vegetables, teddy bears, Basik the cat and many others.

X-Media Digital’s YouTube channels have a multi-million audience and regularly increase the number of subscribers. More recently, the German-language Kinder Club TV channel overcame the million mark, and more than 3 million people subscribed to the Tsarevna channel. GetMovies, the company’s largest channel, already has over 49 million subscribers.

The X-Media Digital team is very pleased with the success of the Mult Box TV channel and does not plan to stop at the achieved result.

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