Voronezh Animation Studio at the BIDC 2023 festival in Thailand

Voronezh Animation Studio in Thailand

Voronezh Animation Studio took part in BIDC 2023, the largest digital content event in Thailand. The animation, computer graphics, games and e-learning industries were represented at the festival.

As part of the festival, the studio’s general producer Vladimir Nikolaev presented new studio projects, the fifth part of the franchise about the Snow Queen “The Snow Queen. Defrosting”, an animated series for teenagers “Steel Team”, produced with the support of the Institute of Web-development, and a new full-meter project of the studio for a family audience, which is under development, “Heroes of the Arctic”.

At the meetings, representatives of companies from Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and China showed great interest in Russian animation, and also expressed interest in the joint production of animated content.

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