Voronezh Animation Studio


Address:  Friedrich Engels street, 33A, Voronezh, Russia, 394006

Official site: https://voronezh.studio/

E-mail: sales@voronezh.studio



Voronezh Animation Studio

Technique: 3D


The animation studio Voronezh was founded in 2007 and currently is one of the most progressive Russian movie companies. The studio’s projects include short animations, animated TV shows and feature blockbusters. Wizart’s movies are widely known abroad: they are translated into over 30 languages, being distributed in over 150 countries worldwide, and the total abroad box office of its most successful franchise The Snow Queen amounts to over $100 million.

Voronezh is a unique full package company with production facilities to produce world-class family animated feature films and animated series, as well as aninternational sales and marketing department. In 2015 the company was included in the TOP 25 Animation Companies to Watch, a list of animation companies with most international potential, compiled by the highly regarded Animation Magazine. Company is building 360-degree support of the brands that involves merchandising, digital and mobile applications, thematic special events and live shows, soundtracks etc.