“Well, Just You Wait! Holidays” animated series almanac by SMF Studio got into the Top-10 of the Bulgarian box-office

Well Just You wait almanac in Bulgaria

‘Well, Just You Wait! Holidays’ animated series almanac got into the Top-10 of the Bulgarian box-office resulting by 91 thousand euros since the cinema theater release. The screening of the relaunch of the legendary classic franchise in the format of a collection of 13 episodes started in Bulgarian cinemas at the end of 2022. The distributor is the company Pro Films.

The animated series took 6th place among all animated projects, including full-meter features released for six months.

”Well, Just You Wait! Holidays’ in the genre of a gag comedy, which is a significant advantage for foreign distribution,’ said Yulia Ossetinskaya, general producer of the SMF studio, ‘we are very pleased that our animated series was appreciated by Bulgarian viewers and are ready to continue cooperation.’

In the near future, the animated series will be shown on the Bulgarian cable channel Super Toons TV.

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