10 Rabbit’s Friends


10 Friends of the Rabbit is an animated TV series telling the story of an international summer camp for animals. The characters are animals coming from around the world. They all live in a world devoid of any humans. This international community is fast in getting common ground and becoming friends. Every one of the characters have their own distinct hobbies. For instance, Rabbit is into sports, he is passionate about parkour. Roo is a gardener. Croc and Fox are inventors and engineers.

In their interactions characters share stories and anecdotes about parts of the world they came from. The setting is like a regular summer camp – they have their own cabins, and also a rollercoaster ride, a lake with a beach, a greenhouse, a workshop, a stadium and sports equipment, and much more for fun and leisure.

Each episode of the series is a standalone story about one adventure, or one game, or one problem.