17 millions of people in the Netherlands are going to see «Leo and Tig» animated series

Сериал «Лео и Тиг» увидят все 17 миллионов жителей Нидерландов

The largest in the Netherlands state broadcaster NPO has acquired media rights for Leo and Tig translation. The agreement has been concluded with Signal Media company that distributes the content adapted by Digital Television.


Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (Dutch Public Broadcasting Foundation) is a state television and radio broadcasting company and the largest media corporation of the country. It manages three generalist channels and six thematic projects such as youth channel NPO 101, documentary and educational NPO Cultura, informational and political NPO Politiek and NPO Nieuws, and NPO Zapp Xtra – children’s channel which content profile will be complemented by Leo and Tig. Dutch media holding also contains 15 radio stations and several internet portals.


Leo and Tig is a story how leopard Leo, tiger Tig, and their friends live. Every day little animals play, have fun and make new discoveries. Friends explore amazing nature and phenomena of Primorsky Krai, learn something new about the world around them and its inhabitants. With twisted adventures, Leo and Tig learn to be kind, friendly, to help each other and respect the nature.


Main characters portray real and rare species of cat family listed in the Red Book. Today there are about 520 of Amur tigers and less than 80 of Far Eastern leopards left in Russia.
Leo and Tig premiered on MOOLT and Tlum HD channels on October 2016. The cartoon has become one of the main hits of the year on Youtube service. Today television audience of the animated series reaches tens of millions of people. On march 2017, Leo and Tig was rewarded with a special prize from Reed Midem Company in the category Animated Series with the Largest International Potential during the 22 Open Russian Animated Film Festival in Suzdal. International analytic company Eurodata TV Worldwide noted high technology process of production of the Russian animated series.
Interactive Moolt publishing house released educational mobile app based on Leo and Tig animated series. Children with their friends can play any of the characters. Adventures of the heroes that have not been filmed yet are available in App Store and Google Play.