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Boo The Cat has been invited at Seoul Guro Kids Film Festival!

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«Boo the Cat and the Good Boy» animated series has been invited at Seoul Guro Kids Film Festival — the unique festival that shows films for children in Korea.


«Boo the Cat and the Good Boy» animated series has been invited at Seoul Guro Kids Film Festival. This unique for animated films will take place in Seoul, on 9th of March. The main objective of the Seoul Guro Kids Film Festival is to present the best of contemporary and classic film for children, youth and families. It aims to feature the most outstanding children’s films produced in every part of the world. Festival also promotes contacts between industry professionals and educators to assist in developing the role cinema plays in the education and enrichment of young people. You can read about the success of «Boo the Cat and the Good Boy» animated series in our previous article.

New unique game «Fantasy patrol: Cafe» has been released!

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Interactive Moolt starts a new year with the release of the new game! Popular publisher of educative mobile apps for children launched a new game — «Fantasy patrol: Cafe». The game is based on «Fantasy patrol» animated series by Parovoz studio.

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

You will be able to keep things organized in the Wonderville café. Upgrade the café’s interior, make it neat and cozy. Unlock new recipes and create original dishes. Receive special interior items which will help to make the café a better place for meeting of all magical characters. You will manage the fantastic café, but be ready — mystery forces conspire something insidious.

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

«Fantasy patrol: Cafe» is fourth game that is based on popular series «Fantasy patrol». Game series includes two arcade games («Fantasy patrol» and «Fantasy patrol: Adventures») and musical game.

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

«Fantasy patrol: Cafe» is really facinating, interesting and unique. The game has been downloaded by over 10 thousand of users.


Download for iOS / for Android

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

Interactive Moolt is the largest Russian publisher of educative mobile apps for children that enters the TOP-5 of publishers in this segment. The total number of downloads of educative games and apps of the publishing house has exceeded 35 million.


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The game Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures developed by Interactive Moolt publishing house on the basis of the homonymous animated series of Parovoz studio confidently gains popularity and takes its well-deserved top positions not only in Russia but in the USA as well!



The game was officially released on 14 November 2018, and now, the app is already flaunting in Essentials of App Store in the United States having left behind many top-grossing apps.



The story of the game Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures is about adventures of brave friends who were led by the spirit of taiga to the heart of the forest. A player will be offered many fascinating quests, extraordinary discoveries and challenging riddles from real spirits of taiga.



The game is based on the animated series of Parovoz studio and available for downloading both for IOS and Android users.

Download for iOS / for Android

Interactive Moolt is the biggest publisher of educative and development-boosting mobile apps for children and VR apps in Eastern Europe. Being excellent learning tools with no language and cultural barriers, those apps are very popular.
The animated show Leo and Tig was premiered on Moolt and Tlum HD channels in October 2016. The cartoon has become one of the main hits of the year on Youtube. In August 2018, the show was acquired by Netflix platform. The transaction was carried out by Signal Media company.

«Koschei. The true story»: The fairy tale begins!

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Producer Evgeniy Golovin and author Maria Parfenova tell about the scenario, about creating the scenario for animated film «Koschei. The true story».
Several years ago we decided to unleash the «Fantasy Patrol» universe’s story. We wanted to make it deeper and broaden. We want to tell how the magic came to our world and where Helena, Mary, Snowy and Valery came from.

Koschei, Baba Yaga and Vodyanoy are well-known heroes of Russian folklore. Everyone knows their stories and who they are, but no one understands why they did what they did. In our animated film we want to show these heroes from the opposite side. We show how these creatures become themselves. Magic world is not so simple as we think it is.

Our Koschei is not an geedy old man, he is warrior who bravely fight against the fate’s trials.


Music for an animated film should be unique and original. With our compositors Sergey Bogolyobskij and Daria  Stavrovich we work alot on references. Although Sergey and Daria work on the «Fantasy Patrol» music.

Sergey Bogolyobskij and Daria Stavrovich

We are trying to create our own style in music and graphics. We are trying to find the ‘face’ of our Animation Studio in making animated films

Evgeniy Golovin, producer at Parovoz Animation Studio

The main point is to make character original and interesting for the audience. The character need to hook the viewer

Maria Parfenova, author at Parovoz Animation Studio

Development of the game Heroes of Envell is proceeding

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In December 2018, Interactive Moolt publishing house will release a long-awaited mobile game based on popular animated series Heroes of Envell.
The animated show Heroes of Envell produced by Parovoz studio tells about four friends that find an unusual laptop at school. It turns out to be a portal to the game world where dangers are quite real.

Концепт ботов • Мобильная игра «Герои Энвелла»

Bot concept • Heroes of Envell mobile game

Game «Heroes of Envell»

The genre of the game is «one against all». The gaming process implies that the player character helps other team members to fight enemies who attack on all fronts. This is a chance to integrate into the team of four schoolmates and to fight evil for restoring justice. If someone was dreaming to punish Morgarths marionettes with Kiras crossbows or to explore all secret powers of Vics glove this is the chance!

Youll discover new locations that will soon appear in the show as well. The game developers are going to issue updates which will allow to widen the game universe and add some new characters to the game.

Джунгли • Игра «Герои Энвелла»

Jungle location • Heroes of Envell mobile game

A well-loved  atmosphere of the show is definitely one of the future games specialties. Everything here works to recreate it: familiar graphics and music, those four classes of the characters, and especially strong and exciting storyline that will let one experience whats it like to be a hero of Envell.

Key features of the game

Along with other features that make the gameplay diverse, theres an opportunity to use scenarios or continuous mode of the game. The scenarios one is divided on levels and tells a story. Its a spin-off of the shows storyline. The continuous mode will allow to keep on playing the game after the main story is over.

Концепт локации из мобильной игры «Герои Энвелла»

Концепт локации из мобильной игры «Герои Энвелла»

Get prepared for tremendous battles, strike a devastating blow to enemies who attack on all fronts, plan your attacks, get a cool pet, rule the full power of magic and all of it is in unique stylistics of Envell.

Sea adventures in the Moriki-Doriki animated series

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Parovoz animation studio has produced an animated show for the biggest network of perfumes and make-up stores in Russia – L’etoile.


The animated series is intended to advance to show the importance of baby skincare. Friends will tell a little viewer about their travels and introduce the new collection of skincare products for children. MORIKI-DORIKI develops imagination of babies and turn hygiene routine into exciting game.

Big country Oceania

This country is lost in unexplored depths of the world’s oceans. It’s a fantastic world of bizarre seaweeds, coral and underwater flowers. The underwater landscape is more like in human world: seashell-houses remotely resemble high-rise buildings and townhouses.



Ruru • Moriki-Doriki

The main character of the animated show really loves to draw. He always succeeds in everything he does because his natural confidence and quick wit help him to stay positive. Ruru is very popular, his creations are always praised and appreciated since «Ruru made this». At first, children from Plankton class were very surprised by the support of the local celebrity, but Ruru just can’t do otherwise. He tries to help everyone and support a friend in a difficult situation.

Mermaid Lana


Mermaid Lana • Moriki-Doriki

Lana has been working as a teacher at the local school only for a year. She’s very responsible mermaid and deep down inside worries about her class. She’s very eager to become a real teacher and sometimes can go too far with her care and anxieties. Lana collaborates with Ruru and tries to inspire kids from Plankton class so that they could compete with Stars class.

The colour of Lana’s hair can change depending on her mood. The mermaid’s hair turns red in the end of the first episode. It’s a sign that she’s very happy for her class and proud of it. Some say, that the worst thing is to see her with black hair. Of course, this might be a myth…

Class plankton

Kids in the class are so different and unique that it seems impossible to unite them in one team.


Mimzu • Moriki-Doriki

Mimzu is deliberate and dreamy contemplator, emits bubbles and philosophise about life.

Спайк • Морики-дорики

Spike • Moriki-Doriki

Mischievous Spike bullies everyone around and learning new tricks on roller skates.

Шуши • Морики-дорики

Shushi • Moriki-Doriki

Fashionista Shushi designs outfits for the red carpet but her shyness doesn’t allow to reveal her inner beauty.

Горошек • Морики-дорики

Pea • Moriki-Doriki

Little Pea is timorous and shy, he’s afraid of all kinds of group games.

Гринбо • Морики-дорики

Grinbo • Moriki-Doriki

Grumbler Grinbo meets everything with hostility and his inventions often work against himself.

Неки • Морики-дорики

Nacky • Moriki-Doriki

Silent Nacky can be called «the brains» of the class, but, actually, he’s not interested in sharing his knowledge.

There’s only the first episode available online, but soon little viewers will see the continuation of story about mermaid Lana and her friend Ruru.

Leo and Tig: let the fairy tale of taiga begin

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A new mobile app based on the universe of the animated series Leo and Tig has been released. The adventures begin in fantastic taiga!

Download for iOS / for Android

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Interactive Moolt publishing house released the new mobile app Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures. The first part of the game has already echoed in the hearts of children and their parents, and, in May 2018, it won three prizes at once on DevGamm Awards 2018 such as Best Game, Best Visual Design, Best Mobile Game.

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

The app Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures will lead a child through an exciting journey together with favourite charming characters. They will meet many unexpected obstacles on their way that could be overcome only in team.

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

The game story is devoted to adventures of brave friends. The spirit of taiga has led them to the heart of the forest the Big Tree. This is the place where little animals can make the home they have dreamed for so long. They will have to complete many fascinating quests, make a number of extraordinary discoveries, and solve all the riddles from real spirits of taiga to make their new home as comfortable as possible.

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

A young gamer will have to choose one of the characters for a journey through the fairy tale forest.

Intuitive interface and gripping gameplay allow to enjoy playing for favourite heroes and the opportunity to guide them through fabulous adventures.

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Interactive Moolt is the largest Russian publisher of educative mobile apps for children that enters the TOP-5 of publishers in this segment. The total number of downloads of educative games and apps of the publishing house has exceeded 30 million.

Boo the cat and the Good Boy

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This is a rhymed musical series about friendship, honesty and taking responsibility for your actions. The main character is a Good Boy who often gets carried away with his games and accidentally breaks or spoils something. The plot is built in an unusual genre for animation series — musical. It successfully combines video dynamics and the narration of the story. In each episode there is a new story about responsibility, friendship and emotional world of the child.

Fantasy Patrol

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The animated series «Fantasy patrol» tells about the incredible and exciting adventures of four young sorceresses. Their names are Helena, Valery, Mary and Snowy. Three friends come to the fairytale park — the city of Myshkin, and get to know the girl Helena, who lives there. When they have coped with challenges and differences, the girls become true friends. Together they create a team to control the fantastic forces, thus keeping the peace in the world of people.

Heroes of Envell

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Present days. Saint Petersburg. Four friends — Art, Kira, Phil and Vic are the coolest gamers in school. Eventually they find a suspicious laptop with «Heroes of Envell» game installed on it. Turns out that this very laptop is a portal to another dimension, a game realm which is full of adventures and real-life danger.


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Woodventures is an animated cartoon sequel designed for pre-school children.

The main characters are wooden toys. They live in a small wooden town. Each of the toys has its own character and reacts in different way to the events that happen.

Woodventures is a musical sequel comprising many songs and dances.

The toys, along with the audience, learn to recognize different colors, shapes, objects, overcome difficult situations, get to know the importance of friendship and mutual help, and learn a lot of things about the world around them. All the series are positive, kind and full of humor.

Cutie Cubies

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Animation series tells us about adventures of four aliens — cubies: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. After arriving on Earth, they disguised themselves as different species of flora and fauna but in the cubic form: Yellow became a cubic chicken, Red transformed into a red rabbit, Blue turned into aquarium and Green became a bush of green grass.
They will learn about various natural phenomena of our planet Earth. They also made new friends here who help them in their exploration: a smart and slightly unlucky boy named Stasik and Lera, who is cheerful, resourceful girl.

F.A.S.T.- Fearless Animals Special Team

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For many years two clans ruled by super villains—Hegemon the Rhino and Darwin the Atomic Monkey—have been at each other’s throats. Blinded by their desire to rule the world, they’ve turned it into a combat field and would’ve probably already destroyed it… If it weren’t for the Fearless Animals Special Team!


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The untrodden and unbelievable nature of the Far East, where the taiga, a mountain range, and the sea exist together. In this whimsical world, live two cubs and best friends: an Amur tiger cub named Tig and a Far Eastern leopard cub named Leo. Tig is thoughtful and shy, but a genuine and loyal friend. He’s always ready to help Leo overcome their shared fears. Leo is a vivacious little leopard. A tireless explorer, he is often curious and amazed by life. Leo finds the most unexpected and interesting element within the commonplace. They are always excited to discover something new in the world around them with its beauties, dangers, and old-age legends.

Magic Lantern

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An imaginative series based on the world’s classic tales as told by the main characters through a projection of spectacular designs. Smarty-pants Kate teaches her baby brother Mike about the wonders of life through folk tales and beautiful images. Mike is a merry and mischievous young boy, a big dreamer and fan of computer games, who thinks reading is boring. In Magic Lantern, the siblings experience stories of classic literature — from the Musketeers, Gulliver to Oscar Wilde — as seen by captivating illustrations on a film-strip, created by 80 different acclaimed artists, discovering age-old life values for Mike and his sister.

Paper Tales

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Animated series «Paper tales» tells the kids about the fun adventures of paper animals, i.e. a moose named Aristotle and a woodpecker named Knock-knock, in a paper country where everything is made of paper only.
Funny adventures are combined with interesting do-it-yourself lessons, at which viewers will learn how to make all the cartoon characters from paper, cardboard, scissors and glue.

Anton Smetankin

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CEO, «Parovoz» Animation Studio

Anton Smetankin was born on October 22, 1977. In 1999 graduated from Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 2002 finished Faculty of Law of Russian State Social University.
For more than 10 years Anton participated in producing feature films, series and programs at TV channels (STS, TNT) and production companies as executive producer.
Participated in opening and closing ceremonies of Olympic Games in Sochi-2014.
In 2014 created «Parovoz» Animation Studio together with creative producers Evgeniy Golovin and Vadim Volya. There are 13 animated series and 1 feature film in the studio’s portfolio today. The series of «Parovoz» are translated to 13 languages and broadcasted on television in 55 countries and online-platforms in 191 country. The studio also creates VR-applications based on its series.


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The cartoon «Be-be-bears» tells about the adventures of tireless funny animals: a brown bear named Bucky, polar bear named Bjorn and their friend named Littlefox. Bucky loves gadgets and equipment, Bjorn likes nature and Littlefox is the best housekeeper. With the help of this series, viewers can understand that one can live in harmony with nature and at the same time be developed, enthusiastic person of studious habits. Also it helps to understand that friendship overcomes any obstacles.


Anton Smetankin, CEO of Parovoz studio, spoke on specifics of Russian animation market, criteria for preparing of children’s content, and state support for studios in Russia on Culture Radio.


The audience under 3 years old is as undemanding to the quality of content as possible, of course, we mean children. Parents are the main censors on a child’s way to the cartoons. Parovoz studio always searched for something catchy for a child in a cartoon, the reason he would want to see the cartoon again and again. We believe a gentle voiceover, almost mother’s intonations, likeable characters, bright picture and stories without violence and quick action are the key criteria.

As for 10 to 14 years old viewers, we have to talk about love and sometimes show some violence. I guess, we are not yet ready for it and still learning to tell stories to this audience. However, these viewers watch our Heroes of Envell and Fantasy Patrol animated series.


Unfortunately, there is still lack of content on Russian animation market today. Existing major players such as Soyuzmultfilm, Animaccord, Aeroplane, Melnitsa, Petersburg, and certainly our studio can’t provide enough content, because they have to compete not even with each other but with foreign content which comes to Russia with sponsor support and large budgets for broadcasting. Moreover, work experience is not transferred from studio to studio: the key players develop their own expertise without sharing it. That’s why each studio in a way has to reinvent the wheel.

The lack of content is acutely felt on industry events: the same cartoons are nominated for competitions from year to year. As for us, we strive to go beyond Russian festivals and nominate our works for international competitions. For instance, our animated series Fantasy Patrol and Paper Tales have become participants of Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France in 2016-2017.

There are a lot of professionals in the market, however each studio prefers preparing its own specialists «customising» them to its own needs. At they same time, animation and game industries fight for technicians who are few in number in the market. Our studio is only 4 years old but we have gathered more than 300 professionals by the moment. We also try to provide freedom for our creators to enable them to make author animation which is quite interesting for audience.


«Ми-ми-мишки» и «Лео и Тиг» захватывают мир • Netflix

Today, animated shows of the studio are watched on all continents where broadcast exists. In the past year, children from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Papua New Guinea, Estonia, China, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Sweden had the opportunity to see the animated series of our studio.

Топовые видеохостинги Китая покажут мультфильмы студии • Паровоз

Our cartoons are very popular in China because their own market doesn’t produce such content: they are still learning and don’t know yet which plots to choose and how to tell an interesting story to audience.


Dubbing and revoicing are provided not by the studio but by the right holder or directly by the buyer. This is how it works: colleagues give us the sound (english dubbing) and we adjust the picture to the sound.


The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation certainly tries to support animation through its grants as well as Cinema Foundation does, but the bigger issue here is that their patronage doesn’t extend to animated series. Yet there is some good news — the law which implies reducing of tax rates for animation studios is about to come.


Настоящая история Кощея от анимационной студии Паровоз • Концепт города

We are eager to grow into creativity, we want to work with foreign companies and channels. It’s pleasant and interesting to make children’s content, yet we strive to learn how to tell amazing stories for teenagers as well.


Since its foundation, Parovoz studio was engaged with production of animation content for children’s channels of VGTRK holding such as Carousel, Moolt, Tlum HD, Ani, Moolt&Music. Today, animated series of Parovoz studio are presented on all continents where broadcasting exists. Let’s look in retrospect how animated shows of Parovoz studio have entered the world market over past year.

Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Papua New Guinea

United Media • Parovoz Animation

In 2017, channels of the largest media company on the territory of the former Yugoslavia – United Media – have shown Paper Tales and Magic Lantern animated series. It’s important to note that the total audience of company’s channels is 20 million people from European countries.
About this time, our animated shows Be-Be-Bears, Paper Tales, and Magic Lantern have become available for viewers of EMTV network — the leading media holding in Papua New Guinea. This resource has been «window to the world» for the country’s people over two centuries, and about 7 millions of TV viewers trust the information broadcast by the channel today.


Eesti Rahvusringhääling • Parovoz Animation

In the same year, little viewers in Estonia could see four animated series: Be-Be-Bears, Rolando Locomotov, Paper Tales, and Magic Lantern.

The animated shows were purchased by national broadcasting company Eesti Rahvusringhääling (EER Estonia) and shown on channels ETV2 that broadcasts programs in Russian and children’s shows and ETV+ devoted to news, analytics, discussion, socio-political, cultural and entertainment programs, TV series, and modern independent films.

Africa and Asia

Rolando Locomotov and Magic Lantern will be shown at Africa and East

In early 2018, MBC Group, the leading company in the field of satellite broadcasting on the territory of Middle East and North Africa, acquired Russian animated series Magic Lantern and Rolando Locomotov produced by Parovoz studio.

The animated shows have become available on the first VOD platform in the region. The agreement on broadcast rights to the cartoons was concluded between MBC Group and Signal Media company.


Alibaba Group логотип

In March 2018, subscribers of the largest online cinemas in China ( Tencent Video, iQIYI, and Mango TV) with total monthly audience exceeding 1 billion of viewers saw episodes of Be-Be-Bears, Paper Tales, Leo and Tig, Fantasy Patrol, F.A.S.T., Magic Lantern, Rolando Locomotov, Woodventures, Cutie Cubies, and Heroes of Envell. The sale of media rights for the large pool of animated series with the volume more than 550 series has become the greatest one in history of Russia and China.
«Expansion» of our animated shows continued in May 2018, when little viewers of the biggest in China online cinema YOUKU (monthly audience over than 500 million people) could watch episodes of beloved series.

The Netherlands and Hungary

Мультсериал «Лео и Тиг» увидят зрители Венгрии в сети MTVA

Young audience loves Leo and Tig animated series not only in China but in the Netherlands as well. Nederlandse Publieke Omroep or NPO, state broadcaster and the largest media corporation in the Netherlands, has recently acquired rights for broadcasting of Leo and Tig. NPO manages three generalist channels and six thematic projects. The animated series Leo and Tig will complement the content profile of children’s channel NPO Zapp Xtra.

Already in 2017, the largest national media holding of Hungary MTVA has purchased 250 episodes of cartoons made by Parovoz studio among which were such popular projects as Be-Be-Bears, Paper Tales, and Magic Lantern. And in 2018, media holding has acquired media rights to animated series Leo and Tig. The episodes were intended for Hungarian public TV channel M2 broadcasting for kids and family.


Barnkanalen Logo • Parovoz Animation

The animated series Fantasy Patrol was premiered on one of the most popular kid’s channels in Sweden — SVT Barnkanalen in June this year. Little viewers were much delighted from the first episode: the cartoon gathered 49,6% of all channel’s audience. Thus, almost nine from ten young viewers opted for the Russian series.

We fell in love with Fantasy Patrol and adventures of the brave girls, friends helping each other in everything

– Helena Nylander, programme director at SVT Barnkanalen, tells.

Fantasy Patrol has become the most popular show on Swedish kids & family channels such as Disney, Cartoon Network Nordic, Nickelodeon, Disney XD, Nick Jr, NickToons, Cartoon Network Sweden.

Global coverage

Netflix • Parovoz Animation

Animated series Be-Be-Bears and Leo and Tig are now available on Netflix. The company mainly supplies TV series broadcasted through multimedia platform with paid membership. According to the data of January 2018, the number of subscribers has reached 130 million, half of them live in the USA. It means that little viewers from 190 countries covered by Netflix can watch our animated shows. Children’s content is quite universal, there is often no need to adapt it in a special way except translating. The success of our animated series abroad proves it.

This is a remarkable event for the studio confirming the relevance of our concepts in all markets — in Europe, Asia, and in North America now. We will announce about new experiments encouraged by this success in the fall. And thanks to Signal Media for committed work

– Anton Smetankin, CEO of Parovoz studio, says.


Карта мирового покрытия Netflix Netflix global coverage on the map

All agreements on broadcasting rights to animated series of Parovoz studio were arranged by Signal Media company.
Thanks to our colleagues we made a breakthrough: the attention of experts purchasing cartoons for their countries was drawn to Russian animated show Heroes of Envell.
The animated show was screened on an exhibition of audiovisual content for children and youth MIP Junior within New Creative Territories section.


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Myshkin town awarded the animated series Fantasy Patrol the Golden Mouse prize! This is the main award of the town for special contribution to its prosperity, and also to literature, music, theatre, cinema, and other art forms related to Myshkin!

The prize was given to Anastasiya Chernova, the producer of the animated series.



Myshkin is quite fast developing in the field of tourism. The flow of tourists in 2017 reached 195000 of people, 275 motor ships and 1600 buses visited the town. Meanwhile, the town has only 5700 residents. Thus, It is more than 30 tourists for 1 resident. The Mouse festival is one of the key events of the year, and this day the town becomes even more attractive for tourists!


It is here, in Myshkin town, the action of the Fantasy Patrol animated series takes place. The series is produced by Parovoz studio and adapted by Digital Television for international screening.

The premiere took place on Russian TV channels MOOLT, ANI, and Tlum HD in May 2016. Its TV audience has a total of tens millions of people. The cartoon has become one of the main hits of 2016 on Youtube.

Today the series is translated into 10 languages and keeps winning hearts of audience in Europe and Asia.

Publishing house Interactive Moolt released three games for IOS and Android based on story of fairies.

In 2017, Fantasy Patrol has reached the final of contest at Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France. It received Russian national animation prize Ikar for winning in Startup nomination. The series was chosen to participate in Shanghai International TV Festival. It was rewarded with a prestigious prize CYBER SOUSA at Xiamen International Animation Film Festival in China.

In 2018, Fantasy Patrol won four Multimir prizes: as the best series in jury’s opinion, for the best female character (Snowy) in audience’s opinion, for the best song (Believe in Yourself), and for the toy of the year (dolls by Gulliver company).

And now — the Golden Mouse prize! Parovoz animation studio expresses appreciation and love to the town of Myshkin!

Fairies, let’s do it!

Fantasy Patrol animated series has become the leader of tv viewing in Sweden!

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On June 12, the Fantasy Patrol animated series was premiered on one of the most popular kid’s channels in Sweden — SVT Barnkanalen. It was a great success — Fantasy Patrol attracted the biggest audience the channel ever had and became one of the most popular events of June!

Sweden viewers fell in love with fairy friends and mysterious Myshkin town from the first episode. According to media measurements of Mediamätning i Skandinavien company, each episode of Fantasy Patrol gathered the largest audience ever and became the leader of TV viewing in Sweden. The channel has already shown four episodes of the animated series. Fantasy Patrol is aired in the morning summer slots (traditional time for animation premieres) and is repeated in the evening prime time.



The first episode shown in the evening prime time gathered the share of viewers in 8,9% and became the leader with 1,3% rating among the whole audience over 3 years of age. Fantasy Patrol, thus, proves to be the most popular show on Swedish kids & family channels such as Disney, Cartoon Network Nordic, Nickelodeon, Disney XD, Nick Jr, NickToons, Cartoon Network Sweden.
The second episode of the Russian animated series aired in the morning was watched by every fifth TV viewer representing the highest share ever — 22,6% and 1,3% rating (all viewers were over 3 years). Fantasy Patrol again became the most popular show of the day on STV Barnkanalen and on all other kids channels as well.

Children’s audience in Sweden showed an incredible percentage watching Fantasy Patrol! The morning premiere of the second episode gathered so much viewers from 3 to 14 years old that rating became 7,3%, and its share — 85,3%! Almost 9 from 10 young viewers opted for the Russian series.

Such high ratings made Fantasy Patrol one of the most popular show of SVT Barnkanalen in June. The morning air of the fourth episode with share 18,1% and rating 1,6% came in third that day and entered the top five of the channel’s shows in June.

The managers of SVT Barnkanalen do not conceal their joy and assure that success of the Russian animated series was quite predictable.

«We fell in love with Fantasy Patrol and adventures of the brave girls, friends helping each other in everything!»

— tells Helena Nylander, programme director at SVT Barnkanalen.

«The professionals managing Barnkanalen know how to choose the best projects which could attract a big audience. This is why Barnkanalen remains a number one channel for children in Sweden. We are happy the Russian series Fantasy Patrol became very popular from the first episode and leads on the TV market of Sweden»

— comments Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO of Signal Media, which is the exclusive distributor of Digital Television’s projects outside Russia.

«The overseas success of the cartoon Fantasy Patrol opens for us a new market of licensed goods for kids. We actively negotiate with international distributors and plan to please fans of the series with toys in Sweden and other countries»

— says Alexander Sablukov, CEO of 0+ Media company.

The animated series Fantasy Patrol was created by Parovoz animation studio by request of Digital Television group and adapted for international sales by 0+ Media company.


The premiere of «Fantasy Patrol» animation series was held in May 2016 on Russian TV channels. Its television audience in Russia is estimated to be tens of millions of viewers. The series became one of the main hits of 2016 on Youtube.

At the end of March this year, Fantasy Patrol got to the final round of the animation festival. That takes place in the prestigious International Festival of Animated Films in Annecy (France).

In November of the same year, the series received a prestigious prize CYBER SOUSA at Xiamen International Animation Film Festival in China.

In 2018, Fantasy Patrol won a Multimir prize as the best animation series in jury’s opinion.


The series tell the story about the incredible, exciting adventures of four young fairies. Helena, Valery, Mary and Snowy, and teaches friendship, faith in good and miracles. A mobile game was developed based on the series, where you can choose your fairy and play together with your friends. New cool adventures of heroines can be downloaded via App Store and Google Play.

Studio Parovoz is a triumphant winner of Multimir award 2018

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On 30 May, in the first day of Multimir festival, the winners of Russian industrial award in animation and licensing Multimir were announced during the ceremony that took place at 75 pavilion of VDNH. The winners were determined by results of the open voting on the festival’s site and upon the decision of the professional jury — experts in children’s television, animation, and representatives of children’s goods industry.


This time, the representatives of Parovoz studio walked up to the podium more often than other nominees. We got the star statuettes for Fantasy Patrol project as the best series in jury’s opinion, for Littlefox from Be-Be-Bears and Snowy from Fantasy Patrol as the best female characters in jury’s and audience’s opinion, and for the song Believe in Yourself from Fantasy Patrol upon the jury’s decision.The Fantasy Patrol dolls also were called the toy of the year. They are produced by Gulliver company under licence from 0+Media company.


Multimir award is organised by VGTRK holding, Digital Television company, Russian Animated Film Association, and 0+Media company to stimulate the professional growth in Russian animation and children’s industry and to increase the share of children’s goods produced under the animation licences in Russian market.

The audience of Hungary will see animated series «Leo and Tig» on MTVA net

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The largest national media holding of Hungary has acquired media rights to the animated series «Leo and Tig».
The series Leo and Tig is produced by Parovoz studio on VGTRK request and adapted for international sales by Digital Television. The broadcast deal for the animated series is made between national media holding of Hungary MTVA and Signal Media company that distributes the content adapted by Digital Television.
It is not the first time that Hungarian broadcaster marks out Russian animated series. In February 2017, MTVA purchased 250 episodes of such popular projects as Be-Be-Bears, Paper Tales, Magic Lantern.
Holding MTVA controls six television channels including kids&family channel M2 and online cinema Teleteka.hu which has separate module of films and shows for children.


Leo and Tig is a story how leopard Leo, tiger Tig, and their friends live. Every day little animals play, have fun and make new discoveries. Friends explore amazing nature and phenomena of Primorsky Krai, learn something new about the world around them and its inhabitants. With twisted adventures, Leo and Tig learn to be kind, friendly, to help each other and respect the nature.


Main characters portray real and rare species of cat family listed in the Red Book. Today there are about 520 of Amur tigers and less than 80 of Far Eastern leopards left in Russia.
Leo and Tig premiered on MOOLT and Tlum HD channels on October 2016. The cartoon has become one of the main hits of the year on Youtube service. Today television audience of the animated series reaches tens of millions of people. On march 2017, Leo and Tig was rewarded with a special prize from Reed Midem Company in the category Animated Series with the Largest International Potential during the 22 Open Russian Animated Film Festival in Suzdal. International analytic company Eurodata TV Worldwide noted high technology process of production of the Russian animated series.
Interactive Moolt publishing house released educational mobile app based on Leo and Tig animated series. Children with their friends can play any of the characters. Adventures of the heroes that have not been filmed yet are available in App Store and Google Play.

17 millions of people in the Netherlands are going to see «Leo and Tig» animated series

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The largest in the Netherlands state broadcaster NPO has acquired media rights for Leo and Tig translation. The agreement has been concluded with Signal Media company that distributes the content adapted by Digital Television.


Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (Dutch Public Broadcasting Foundation) is a state television and radio broadcasting company and the largest media corporation of the country. It manages three generalist channels and six thematic projects such as youth channel NPO 101, documentary and educational NPO Cultura, informational and political NPO Politiek and NPO Nieuws, and NPO Zapp Xtra – children’s channel which content profile will be complemented by Leo and Tig. Dutch media holding also contains 15 radio stations and several internet portals.


Leo and Tig is a story how leopard Leo, tiger Tig, and their friends live. Every day little animals play, have fun and make new discoveries. Friends explore amazing nature and phenomena of Primorsky Krai, learn something new about the world around them and its inhabitants. With twisted adventures, Leo and Tig learn to be kind, friendly, to help each other and respect the nature.


Main characters portray real and rare species of cat family listed in the Red Book. Today there are about 520 of Amur tigers and less than 80 of Far Eastern leopards left in Russia.
Leo and Tig premiered on MOOLT and Tlum HD channels on October 2016. The cartoon has become one of the main hits of the year on Youtube service. Today television audience of the animated series reaches tens of millions of people. On march 2017, Leo and Tig was rewarded with a special prize from Reed Midem Company in the category Animated Series with the Largest International Potential during the 22 Open Russian Animated Film Festival in Suzdal. International analytic company Eurodata TV Worldwide noted high technology process of production of the Russian animated series.
Interactive Moolt publishing house released educational mobile app based on Leo and Tig animated series. Children with their friends can play any of the characters. Adventures of the heroes that have not been filmed yet are available in App Store and Google Play.

Evgeny Golovin Won an IKAR Award as the Best Producer of Animated Films

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Evgeny Golovin, the author of the new animated series Cutie Cubies, Woodventures, F.A.S.T., and of the many other cartoons of Parovoz Studio is recognised as the best producer of the year!

IKAR — National animation award

Creators of the best Russian cartoons of 2017 were awarded at the ceremony that took place at Moscow Young Generation Theatre on 9 April. Evgeny Golovin, creative director of Parovoz Studio, got the IKAR Award as the best producer of the year for the creation of several successful animated series and their breakthrough to audience.

In the past year alone, Parovoz Studio released premieres of such series as Cutie Cubies, Woodventures, and F.A.S.T. under the creative guidance of Evgeny Golovin. Projects are made on request of Digital Television company and are being successfully showed on Moolt, Tloom HD, and Mama channels. One can also find new series of these and other cartoons in Moolt in Cinema anthology and in Moolt mobile app.

New animation series from Parovoz animation studio

Woodventures is a musical animated series for preschoolers. The main characters are wooden toys that live in small wooden town. Each character has a home that reflects the personality of the owner. The toys, along with the audience, experience different adventures, overcome difficulties, and always in a playful way learn to be friends and to help each other. In Russia, Woodventures had become popular even before they were showed on TV. Users spent 4,215,831 minutes on Woodventures watching during the first month of showing in Moolt mobile app — this is about 8 years in total! Series got 9 million views in the first month on YouTube!

Cutie Cubies is a story about four funny cubic aliens who get to earth after the shipwreck. Here, they meet girl Lera.  Everyday cubies explore the world of Earth inhabitants and deal with various life situations — they clean up the room, wash dishes, and make little ships.

In F.A.S.T. animated series, there is a struggle between the clans of two super villains: the Rhinoceros Hehemon and the Nuclear Monkey Darwin. Obsessed with power hunger, they have made the world a battlefield and probably they would have been destroyed it long ago. But here comes Special Team of Fearless Animals, F.A.S.T. for short! The team’s motto is «One is a claw, together is a paw!»

Parovoz Studio is currently producing 10 animated series: Leo and Tig, Fantasy Patrol, Be-Be-Bears, Heroes of Envell, Cutie Cubies, Woodventures, F.A.S.T., Paper Tales, Magic Lantern, and Rolando Locomotov. They regularly become nominees and winners of Russian and international festivals.

Latest achievement

For example, Paper Tales and Fantasy Patrol were recognised as the Best Overseas Animated Series at Xiamen International Animation Festival (China). In 2016, Be-Be-Bears series got into the top-15 of the most popular projects of international television market MIPJUNIOR, won Grand Prix of XXI Open Russian Festival of Animated Films as the best animated series, and received people’s choice award at X Big Cartoon Festival.

Fantasy Patrol was selected for competition program of Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2017, received an IKAR award as the best startup. Heroes of Envell has become the first Russian series in history that was chosen for world premiere by organisers of MIPJUNIOR  international TV market. The series entered top-20 of the most popular projects of MIPJUNIOR 2017.

Russian Animation IKAR Award has been given for achievements in the area of animation cinema and for professional contribution to development of animation from 2014. The awards creation was initiated by Open Russian Festival of Animated Films – the main professional forum of Russian animation. The Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation and Animated Film Association are also among funding members. Sergey Kapkov is the artistic director of the award.

Children’s video service Moolt was launched on the territory of South and North America

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Parovoz Studio’s animated series that Russia, Europe, and Asia have fallen in love with will become available for American children now with Moolt app.

Dmitriy Mednikov, Deputy Director General of VGTRK, announced the launch of childrens video service Moolt on the territory of South and North America on 3 April. Moolt video service is an adapted in English and Spanish version of  Russian «Мульт» app that was released two years ago. According to data of Digital Television, Russian users uploaded it approximately 5 millions times through App Store and Google Play. Moolt is also available for uploading on these sources now.

Moolt app content

So far there are 30 hours of animated content including animated series of Parovoz Studio on new video service. Choice of content will be widening since localisation of content is being done almost simultaneously with its production. Digital Television and 0+ Media are concerned with Moolts promotion. Moolt will also be promoted through localised mobile games created on the basis of our cartoons by Moolt Interactive publishing house.

Its interesting that Moolt is the first and only Russian video service abroad not for Russian but for local audience.

Alexander Prazdnikov, International Business Development Head, ivi.ru, reminds that ivi service was launched in the CIS area in 2015, and in 2017, it has become available for users in 180 countries including the USA, Israel, Canada, and Europe. According to him, potential foreign audience is 10-30 millions of Russian-speaking users, because ivi offers films and series of domestic production for viewers abroad.

App market in USA

North American media market is characterised not only by tough competitiveness but by high capacity to pay as well. The audience got used to pay for content here. As to Southern American market, it is one of the fastest-growing markets. Childrens content is quite universal and often doesnt require any specific adaptation except translation. Success of our animated series abroad proves it.

Animated series of Parovoz Studio will be broadcasted in the largest online cinemas of China

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On 15 March, Russian media group Digital Television Russia made at once several biggest deals selling media rights for the largest pool of cartoons in history with the volume more than 550 series! The deals were the biggest of a kind in the history of Russia and China. They will be soon available for subscribers of the major online cinemas of China: Tencent video, iQIYI, and Mango TV, the total audience of which exceeds 1 billion of viewers a month.

Chinese VODs will broadcast our animated series

Seven animated series of Parovoz Studio such as Be-be-bears, Leo and Tig, Fantasy Patrol, Magic Lantern, Rolando Locomotov, Woodventures, Cutie Cubies will be placed on the video platform of iQIYI online cinema which audience is more than 500 millions of people per month.

More about Tencent corporation

Tencent corporation, that is among the largest in capitalization world’s media companies, will also place 10 animated series of our studio such as Be-be-bears, Paper Tales, Leo and Tig, Fantasy Patrol, F.A.S.T., Magic Lantern, Rolando Locomotov, Woodventures, Cutie Cubies, and Heroes of Envell on its resources. Tencent actively promotes the QQ network for fast messages, WeChat system for text and voice messages, and one of the largest online cinemas Tencent Video. Monthly audience of the video platform exceeds 450 millions of people.

The same animated series will be available for more than 80 millions of active users of Mango TV internet service created by Hunan Broadcasting System and Hunan Satellite TV.

Serious deal for russian animation industry

Animated series produced by Parovoz Studio were adapted by Digital Television for promotion on China territory. The cartoons were translated and voiced in Chinese, graphics and scenario were changed according to cultural specificities of the country. Negotiating and purchase process were handled by Signal Media, an exclusive distributor of Digital Television content.

«In terms of international strategy of brand promotion, asian countries, where a half of world’s population live, are the priority for us. Undisputably, Chinese market stands alone as the largest market in Asia. We have been preparing our brands for entry to this market thoroughly adapting and dubbing them for national audience for two years. Partnership with the major video platforms of China is the highest evaluation of our work! Selling of the biggest pool of Russian cartoons to Chinese online cinemas with billion viewers makes this event historically significant for the whole domestic industry of animation. It is necessary to point out that video content is a part of promotion strategy for our animation brands. The games for smartphones based on our cartoons are already available and even popular on the territory of China»

Dmitriy Mednikov, chairman of board of directors, Digital Television company, said.

«Closing the deal with such video giants as Tencent video, iQIYI and Mango TV allows 10 animation brands to meet audience more than one billion of people. It is a great success for us, and yet a very serious challenge in content promotion on world’s media market!»

— Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO of Signal Media, reported.

The third anniversary of Be-be-bears!


Viewers could watch the first episode of Be-be-bears on the Russian cinema screens within Moolt in Cinema project on 21 March 2015. By now, more than 150 episodes have been released for the last three years! It is already three years that Bucky and Bjorn began sharing their funny adventures in an entertaining way on Moolt and Tloom HD channels that are parts of Digital Television group (VGTRK and Rostelecom).
The cartoon tells young audience about true friendship, kindness, and love for nature. Brown bear Bucky and polar bear Bjorn, Chiky, Littlefox and other faithful friends learn to get along and to experience together all adventures.


The series have won the viewers hearts not only in Russia, but all around the world as well during this period.
Global conquest of international market began in October 2016 with the ambitious launch on the top world markets MIPJunior and MIPCOM (Cannes, France).
Russian animated series Be-be-bears got into the top-15 of the most demanded TV projects for children in the world, according to results of MIPJunior’s screening.
Media rights for animated series were acquired by TV channels and cinemas across the world in less than a year.
Be-be-bears are translated into 10 the most popular languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi. Little viewers from the USA, North Africa, Middle East met the characters of animated series and became so fond of them. Be-be-bears launched in China with a great success. More than 6 billions viewers watched the cartoons on the web sight of the biggest Chinese video streaming operator LeEco in the first three days.
Be-be-bears attract big family audience to TV screens, occupy leading positions in ratings, moreover, professionals of the industry appreciated the quality of animation. In 2016, Be-be-bears was honored with Grand Prix of 23rd Open Russian Animation Film Festival in Suzdal. Series also won in viewers voting in the category Morning Series with a Cup of Cacao and a Bun within 10th Big Cartoon Festival.
Nowadays, Be-be-bears series are more than just cartoons. The cartoon has its own licensed products, 7 games for smartphone and tablets.


Bucky and Bjorn participated across the whole Russia in the annual major children’s festivals in the country «Multimir» and «Multimir. Bright Summer» which had more than 170 000 visitors in 2017! The bears took part in theatrical scenes, photographed with all who wished, and helped children to take a closer look at a fantasy world. Earlier, in 2016, Be-be-bears held their own winter Olympic Games – The Bears Competition with much success. In the end of 2017, the Moolt Store opened at the Riviera shopping mall in Moscow. There are more than 350 top selling licensed products based on Be-be-bears animated series.


In april 2018, all the young fans will meet new dancing competition from the main characters Bucky and Bjorn.
The Digital Television children’s channels will arrange a marathon of stories about Be-be-bears for the birthday of favorite characters. Tloom HD channel starts celebrating on Saturday 17 March, from 06:00 till 18:30, and will continue up to 21 March inclusively.
Moolt channel scheduled Be-be-bears Day for 24 March from 06:00 till 19:00, and for 25 March from 10:00 till 14:00. During the week from 26 March to 1 April, young audience will watch favorite animated series in Be-be-bears blocks.
On Mooltimusic channel Be-be-bears Day will be on 21 March. Viewers will enjoy songs and dances in the company of favorite characters for the whole day!
Young viewers in Latin America will have the opportunity to watch the favorite Russian animated series on Moolt channel from 19 to 23 March at 08:00, 16:00, 20:00 and on 25 March from 10:00 till 18:00.



New game for iOS and Android: Be-be-bears in space

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Bucky and Bjorn have managed to make their fondest dream come true – together with friends they went to cruise across an immense cosmos in a new game!

In February, Interactive Moolt publishing house released mobile app Be-be-bears in Space based on Be-be-bears animated series by Parovoz Studio. This is the third game about bears Bucky and Bjorn, and their friends. The app Be-be-bears in Space allows young players to fly on a cosmic ship. Or, for example explore the outer space, experience the state of weightlessness, and to observe stars. Together with favorite characters, children can make incredible discoveries, have fun, and go traveling through the galaxy!


The first two games have already gained the popularity. The Be-be-bears app has become the game of the year in 2016, and Be-be-bears – Planet of Creativity many times got into app ratings in Children category. The Be-be-bears in Space app has already become a leader in the number of installations on iPad. Developers think that the app’s success derived not only from animated series popularity, bright graphics, and attractive game mechanics, but also from the fact that Moolt Interactive provided Be-be-bears in Spaces with added reality. It allows players to get completely lost in atmosphere of space adventure!

Heroes of Envell: welcome to the virtual world

One can find everything in the animated series Heroes of Envell produced by Parovoz studio: exciting story, interesting characters and excellent humour. The series about four young gamers has already won hearts of many fans. It has also become the first Russian project in last 25 years premiered at MIP Junior television market in Cannes. Film director of the project Anton Lanshakov, design producer Sergey Moiseyev, and composer Alexander Billione helped us to understand specific features of Heroes of Envell.

Heroes of Envell • Travelling into virtual world • Series poster

Heroes of Envell • Poster


Anton Lanshakov: We try to create an adventure story. I always loved series with adventures where heroes were in a real danger. I took an example from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Dragon Hunters. To be honest, I watched only two episodes of The Last Airbender. It’s true that sometimes you draw inspiration even from few seconds of watching. I can add here Regular Show (there are unusual plots) and original Jumanji (comedy and adventure in the ideal proportion), and Time Masters.

Heroes of Envell • Travelling into virtual world • Castle concept

Heroes of Envell • Castle concept

Alexander Billione: Exciting screenplay and realistic characters! Each time I start writing music for an episode it feels like I’m living it through together with the characters! I always want to know what is going to happen later!


Heroes of Envell • Travelling into virtual world • School teacher first fight

Heroes of Envell • School teacher first fight

Sergey Moiseyev: Evolving story, excellent atmosphere, gorgeous antagonist, jokes and plenty of easter eggs and references.

Anton Lanshakov: For me, it’s in realism! Okay, in real life, a giant lizard couldn’t animate exhibits in Cabinet of Curiosities with the help of clever devices — museum employees wouldn’t allow it! But the way the characters react to this and to many other events is way that anyone would react to it. I like that the action takes place here and now. I like that the characters have simple and familiar to everyone problems except fights with monsters. Yes, they have to save the teacher, but still they do have to go to school. So, the special thing is realism. Okay, realism and new outfits of Buckwheat. Okay, okay, new outfits of Buckwheat is a true special thing of the series.

Alexander Billione: I agree, the peculiarity of the series is that the characters very realistically perceive all events in the cartoon. For instance, in the first episode, when all main characters fell into the world of Envell they didn’t just begin to admire the unusual views, but asked themselves a number of logical questions such as «how did we get here» and «what is it».

Heroes of Envell • Travelling into virtual world • Player screen

Heroes of Envell • Player screen


Anton Lanshakov: Yes, Art, Vic, and Phil were modelled after my friends. Ilya is inspired by the neighbour living next to my dacha. And my sister was inspiration for Kira. That’s why relationships of Vic and Kira are very much like to those that I have with my sister. But Vic is not the only one that resembles me. All main characters were partially based on me. Many their personality traits are similar to mine. I’m as proud as Art, and as lazy as Phil. Morgarth is an exception. He’s completely made after me. I always loved bad guys in films.

Heroes of Envell • Travelling into virtual world • Phil gamestream

Heroes of Envell • Phil gamestream


Anton Lanshakov: Funny, but only one of them has watched the series — the one who provided inspiration for Art. He saw an episode, heard his last name, and was surprised. He called me: «Hallo, Anton. There, in your series, a character has my last name. Is this me?» «Sure!» I replied. He said: «Cool!» There’s one more fan of the series now.


Sergey Moiseyev: I adore computer games. Undoubtedly, the series is built on strong basis provided by games. The main narrative is made like in Online RPG. Animated inserts are inspired by immortal platformers. I won’t mention the games we were focused on. Let everybody imagine his own one.

Alexander Billione: Of course, I do love! It seems to me, the one who doesn’t love to play just hasn’t tried. Especially when there are games with entertainment and story as good as in films. But when composing soundtrack I drew inspiration from adventure fantastic films such as Back to the Future.

Heroes of Envell • Travelling into virtual world • 2D fight art

Heroes of Envell • 2D fight art

Anton Lanshakov: I always liked weird, bizarre games such as Earthworm Jim or crazy Alice, which is American McGee’s Alice. We used those games with a little-known Skullmonkeys and Oddworld series as a models when creating the world of Heroes. Metal Slug, previous Castlevania, and new Terraria games provided inspiration for 2D pixel inserts. I wanted the game to look retro, but still more visually interesting than old games of 80’s.


Anton Lanshakov: It’s simple, we put our favourite games as easter eggs. Except Mario. I don’t like it, but everybody knows: the series becomes cooler with a reference to Mario video games.

Heroes of Envell • Travelling into virtual world • Backvit concept art

Heroes of Envell • Backvit concept art


Anton Lanshakov: It’s wonderful, when our series inspires you to create something! This is the best thing that can happen to a producer of animated series. You don’t have any restrictions such as only 10 minutes for an episode. You are not constrained by your own plot. You are not constrained with the limits of your budget. You don’t have deadlines. I saw many fan arts, but I haven’t read any fanfics yet. I will do, when I end up the project. Because I’m sure, when I open the first page the initial thought will be: «That’s it. They did it better.»

Heroes of Envell • Travelling into virtual world • Morgarth 2D concept

Heroes of Envell • Morgarth 2D concept

Sergey Moiseyev: I don’t have enough time to keep an eye on fan communities of Heroes of Envell due to my constant occupation at the project. But I regularly visit some of them. I constantly follow the official group.


Sergey Moiseyev: The style firms up episode by episode. Each new episode is a challenge for us. We try to make it better and better every time. We strive to take into account modern tendencies and popular things. The cartoon is thoroughly worked out. Many aspects and details can’t be noticed when you watch it for the first time. Well, the Inspiration for me is what we get in the end, the final version. This happens again each new episode. Just like other viewers, I can’t wait to see what is going to happen, what will it look like.


Александр Биллион — композитор мультсериала Герои Энвелла

Alexander Billione: Musical style of Heroes of Envell is a film score where elements of cyberpunk and fantasy are combined. We had agreed about that with Anton before the work on the project started, even before the theme song was written, because the fantasy game world of Heroes of Envell is filled with high technologies of future.


Партитура музыки из заставки Героев Энвелла

Alexander Billione: The main feature of my work on this project is that I write music for Heroes of Envell as though it were a real full-length film. But again, before I began writing music, we had considered this issue with Anton and decided that everything should be serious like in superhero movies.


Anton Lanshakov: I adore my characters. I’m happy and I’m worried for them as though I were one of them. It is a pure pleasure to write their dialogues. Most of all I like to write for Val.

Alexander Billione: Of course, I do love them! Before I begin composing I experience all their emotions and adventures in my mind. And my favourite character is Phil.

Sergey Moiseyev: How can you feel about your characters? No doubt, I do have my favourite ones, but in general, I think of all of them as old friends. We grew up together, we know all their secrets and vices. We have much in common, we love the same things. Art is my favourite character. He’s very daring and brave. Yeah, and he owns a shotgun. Though people often say that I resemble Phil.

Heroes of Envell • Travelling into virtual world • Party 2D concept

Heroes of Envell • Party 2D concept


Anton Lanshakov: One day, Evgeny and I were playing in LittleBigPlanet. Evgeny is a creative producer of Parovoz studio. LittleBigPlanet is a console game. The game initially seems good and simple, but it turns out to be a complete nightmare in the end. Evgeny’s and mine characters were trapped between a hydraulic press and a girdle under power on the last level. A jump to the left — and the characters would be crushed by press. A jump to the right — and they would get shocked. It was a desperate, hopeless situation. The very situation when the most interesting ideas could be brought to life. We wondered. And suddenly we had an insight.

Heroes of Envell • Travelling into virtual world • Main characters concept

Heroes of Envell • Main characters concept

Evgeny said, «It would be great to make a series where the action takes place in a computer game». And I replied for that reasonably: «Yes, but not the whole action. It is better when one half is in a game and the other takes place in usual real world.» We forgot about the game and went to develop the idea. Then, half a year after that bad session in LittleBigPlanet, after dozens of versions and hundreds of written pages we were finally satisfied with the scenario and started creating the first episode. Okay, joking apart. The truth is that Evgeny said: «Anton, we should jump on the press when it comes above the girdle». And I replied reasonably: «Then we will be smashed against the ceiling.»


You can find more information about the animated series Heroes of Envell at our website!

Rolando Locomotov and Magic Lantern will be available for Africa and East

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Russian cartoons «Magic Lantern» and «Rolando Locomotov» produced by Parovoz Animation Studio commissioned by VGTRK and adapted for international sales by 0+ Media,  will be available to viewers throughout the Middle East and North Africa on VOD platform of MBC Group  – the biggest broadcaster in the region.

MBC Group


Portfolio of MBC Group includes 18 thematic channels, a few radio stations, online portals and the first in this region VOD platform, where Russians cartoons will be available. The agreement about acquisition of rights to broadcast animated series was signed between MBC Group and «Signal Media» a distributor of Digital Television Russia content.

Rolando Locomotov

«Rolando Locomotov» animated series poster

«Rolando Locomotov» is an interesting and informative series about the adventures of tireless mischief-makers Mary and Jerry. Any of their plans leads to unforeseen consequences. It’s lucky that the wonderful rescuer Rolando Locomotov always comes to the rescue in time! The picturesque animated series teaches the basic health and safety measures in verse. Its main task is to teach children to react in case of emergency quickly and correctly and prevent its occurrence.

Magic Lantern

Shot from «Magic Lantern» animated series

Shot from «Magic Lantern» animated series

In every series of «Magic Lantern» seven-year-old girl Kate and her five-year-old brother Mikey watch filmstrips. The plot of filmstrips is based on the  classical piece. The tales are adapted for the smallest kids and often their characters are funny and cute little animals. Each story has its own style, that’s why the series expand not only the literary, but also the aesthetic horizons of the audience.

Game «Magic Lantern VR»

Magic Lantern VR is Steam

There are popular apps, which based on these cartoons. By the way, in February 2017 publishing house Interactive Moolt launched an app for VR, which based on story of «Magic Lantern». «Magic Lantern VR» is a family interactive game, which transfer gamers in Kate and Mikey’s  room. In this game all stuffs are interactive, for example, you can watch filmstrips, play with kitten or draw on easel!

First Family Interactive Cinema Moolt VR is Created in Russia

First VR Cinema in Russia

In the beginning of 2018 Parovoz Animation Studio, Interactive Moolt and Digital Television company will launch the first family VR cinema Moolt VR with game and interactive options.

Location From "Heroes of Envell" Animated Series

Location From “Heroes of Envell” Animated Series

Moolt VR is application for smartphones that support VR glasses. It combines favorite activities of families with children: playing, cartoons watching, going into the cartoons atmosphere, communicating with animation characters as well as visiting cinema. Before watching users can choose location from cartoon where the VR session will take place and animation characters that will accompany them at cinema.

Content Inside Moolt VR App

Some locations have been already created on the basis of animated series of its own production: Be-be-bears for the little ones and Fantasy Patrol and Heroes of Envell for an older audience. The app creators plan to agree with right holders on cartoons produced by other animation studios and to create new locations with favorite characters on their basis.

Interface for Choosing Characters and Locations

Interface for Choosing Characters and Locations

11 animated series are available on the first stage in Moolt VR: Leo and Tig, Be-be-bears, Fantasy Patrol, Woodventures, Heroes of Envell, Cutie Cubies, F.A.S.T., Paper Tales, Tima and TomaRolando Locomotov, Magic Lantern. Users will also be able to watch releases of new animation projects in the app. Some of the animated series, for example, Heroes of Envell, will be available in 3D stereo for the first time in Russia and in the world. 3D cartoons are created specially for the app.

Most of Moolt VR possibilities haven’t been used in mobile VR apps before that’s why this application is unique.

Location From "Fantasy Patrol" and "Be-be-bears"

Location From “Fantasy Patrol” and “Be-be-bears”

Moolt VR Will be Launched in the Beginning of 2018 All Around the World

Moolt VR is released in three languages – Russian, English and Spanish. The app will be released in Russia simultaneously with other countries: the USA, Spain, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America countries.

It will be possible to install Moolt VR app on Samsung smartphones that support Gear VR. One can also download it in Oculus store for the same name headset.

Moolt VR – is the second app involving virtual reality technologies developed by Digital Television company and Parovoz Animation Studio. In February Interactive Moolt studio released Magic Lantern VR project – the game for VR devices based on the same name animated series. Russian VR game is available for every user of Steam – global game service that totals hundreds of millions of players all around the world.

The Fantasy Patrol Universe

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Everything Real is Magic: the Way Fantasy Patrol Universe Grows

In August 2017 tens of millions of Fantasy Patrol universe fans became very agitated by the news that CEO of Parovoz Studio Anton Smetankin told on Mayak radio. The studio began production of Fantasy Patrol based full-length version called The True Story of Koschei. The premiere is planned for 2020.

The True Story of Koschei

The action takes place in the Fantasy Patrol Universe, that turns to be much wider than the city of Myshkin. Many new characters appear, still there are some well-known characters, including our well-known girls-wizards. We can see events of the distant past and the legend about the ancient prophecy gets real again. The focus is on the love story. One crucial meeting leads to a brave voyage. The heroes must pass through many difficulties to find themselves and each other.

History of the Animated Series

The series tell about incredible and exciting adventures of four young sorceresses – Helena, Valery, Mary and Snowy. It teaches about friendship, belief in good and miracles. The Fantasy Patrol was released on Russian channels MOOLT, ANI and Tlum HD in May 2016. Its viewership in Russia totals tens of millions of people. The cartoon has become one of the main hits of 2016 at Youtube service. Today the series are translated into 10 languages and keep winning hearts of foreign TV viewers in Europe and Asia.


Books by Oleg Roy

Top Russian author and scriptwriter Oleg Roy created a book series based on the cartoon: «Beware of Domovoy», «Ice Cream Is Never Enough», «Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…», «Secret Diary of the Fantasy Patrol Agent». Plots of the books are unique and do not repeat the animated series events. Thus cartoon fans will be able to enjoy more girls adventures. The books are available at EKSMO publishing house.

Mobile Games

Two games based on Fantasy Patrol for IOS and Android were released and the third one is about to appear.

Game creator – Moolt Interactive – notes that Fantasy Patrol game might be the only project for teenagers in Russia with the open world structure. The gamer can play for any of sorceresses and move freely around the game’s world to perform various tasks. For less than a year the game was downloaded more than one and a half million times all over the world.


Wonderful dolls-heroines from Fantasy Patrol made by manufacturer and distributor Gulliver Company appeared in Russian stores. They are presented in two collections: casual and magic.


In 2017 all-Russian casting was being held for the new band that based on images of Fantasy Patrol universe main characters. The characters brought the idea themselves – they often sing, dance and demonstrate their acting talents.

A Year and a Half

Precisely this time ago the first episode of Fantasy Patrol was released. Today this fairy world keeps growing and taking new forms, it makes happy its old fans and wins the new ones.

“Fantasy Patrol” won prestigious international award Cyber Sousa

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Cyber Sousa in China

The winners of the prestigious international animation award Cyber Sousa were announced in China.Our animated series “Fantasy Patrol” got “Silver Award” in the “Best Overseas Animated Series category”. International jury has appreciated originality of the animated series idea about four young enchanters and high quality of 3D animation.

This is a second consecutive year in China that animation projects of “Parovoz Studio” requested by “Digital TV Company” were declared the best. In 2016 cartoon series “Paper Tales” were given the Syber Sousa gold statuette by a competent jury.

Chinese city Xiamen annually hosts Xiamen International Animation Festival. Its basic goals are promotion and progress of animation industry, comics and video games, setting up international communication in this area as well. Best cartoons from different countries are rewarded with Cyber Sousa Prize in the context of the animation festival.

Estonian audience will be able to see Parovoz Studio’s TV series

Estonia is to Broadcast Our Cartoons

Signal Media Company concerned with distribution of Parovoz Studio animated series and state broadcaster ERR Estonia have closed the transaction regarding the sale of media rights for four cartoon series — Be-be-bears, Rolando Locomotov, Paper Tales and Magic Lantern.

ETV2 and ETV+

Animated series produced by VGTRK request and adapted for international sales by Digital Television Russia will become available for the whole audience of Estonia. They will be shown on the major state broadcaster’s channels — ETV2 and ETV+. The agreement is supposed to prolongate the previous year august contract concerning cartoons TV broadcast. ERR Corporation includes five radio stations, internet news portals in Estonian, Russian and English languages and three national channels. Two of them — ETV2 and ETV+ — will broadcast our cartoons.

Fantasy Patrol Dolls by Gulliver

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Snowy Breaks Records

High-quality dolls of main characters from Fantasy Patrol animated series hit the market on 15th of October. Helena, Snowy, Mary and Valery are presented in two collections — in casual with the everyday look and in magic — in their fairy appearance with magical clothes and accessories.

Where to buy dolls?

One can buy Fantasy Patrol dolls through the producer — Gulliver Company. Also the toys are already available at Detskiy Mir, national network of children stores.
Gulliver Company reaffirms its leading player status at kids fashion industry market year after year. The company gained not only the partners and consumers confidence but the well-earned respect of fashion industry professionals, having won some independent awards in the course of its activity. The retail chain has more than 175 brand stores in more than 100 cities of Russia, CIS and Europe.

Be-be-bears have picked up the first award of the krok festival

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Bears have won a prize

Vera Myakisheva, the producer of the Parovoz studio, took a bonus prize from the TASS news agency for working on the animated series «Be-be-bears» at the KROK festival.


The XXIV International Animated Film Festival has completed in St. Petersburg on September 20, 2017. The festival took place on board ship, which took a week trip from Moscow, visited Uglich, Goritsy, Mandrogi, Petrozavodsk, Valaam and finished in St. Petersburg.

What is the KROK?

The International Animated Film Festival has been held since 1989. This year, 972 applications have been received from every corner of the world. 131 films from 36 countries have been selected for the competitive program. Sergey Merinov, the president of the Guild of Professionals of the Animated Film Association, has presented the prize to “Be-be-bears”.

«Fantasy Patrol» is released in Sweden

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Sweden like our cartoons

Sweden Sveriges Television unites several TV channels of different genres such as Kunskapskanalen popular scientific channel, the SVT1 and SVT2 general subject channels, the SVT Play VOD platform, and the SVTB — Barnkanalen children’s TV channel, where our animated series will be broadcast.

The premiere of «Fantasy Patrol» animation series was held in May 2016 on Russian TV channels. Its television audience in Russia is estimated to be tens of millions viewers. The series became one of the main hits of 2016 on Youtube. At the end of March this year, Fairy Patrol got to the final round of the animation festival. That takes place in the prestigious International Festival of Animated Films in Annecy (France).

About Patrol

The series tell the story about the incredible, exciting adventures of four young fairies. Alyonka, Varya, Masha and Snezhka, and teaches friendship, faith in good and miracles. A mobile game was developed based on the series, where you can choose your fairy and play together with your friends. New cool adventures of heroines can be downloaded via App Store and Google Play.

Radio «Mayak» ask our general director about cartoons

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Radio live with Anton Smetankin

The studio general director Anton Smetankin answered the kids’questions on air of the educational and entertaining broadcast «I want to know it all». How are the characters being created? How long does it take to create an animation movie? Do the creators see the cartoons in their dreams? What projects is Parovoz studio currently working on? These and other questions were answered live of the radio station.

Festival of the Russian Animation Cinema in Chennai

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Chennai animation festival

Last week in the Indian city of Chennai, the Russian Animated Film Festival was a great success. The purpose of the festival was to promote and support the creation of high-quality animated films. Which translate the ideals of goodness, beauty, friendship, care for the environment. And also spreading the ideas of peace and mutual understanding between the cultures of India and Russia.

In this regard, the event managers included only the best quality and good cartoons in the program that had already won the hearts of Russian viewers. We are honored that among them there were the projects of «Parovoz» studio including «Leo and Tig».

39th Moscow International Film Festival

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Moscow film festival

Guests of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival got plunged into virtual reality. «Parovoz» Animation Studio together with Digital Television company — Digital Television Russia introduced the first family virtual cinema in Russia — «Mult VR» with gaming and interactive features. As well, the animated series’ that are already popular amongst viewers «Leo and Tig», «Be-be-bears», «Fantasy Patrol», «Paper tales», «Ronaldo Locomotov races to rescue», «Magic Lantern». And new projects such as «Heroes of Envell», «Cutie Cubies» and «Fast» are now available for viewing.

You can experience the advanced technologies of the «Mult VR» app in the Russian VR Seasons program. It will be available at the October Cinema Centre until June 28.

«Magic Lantern» is now available in SteamVR marketplace

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VR game based on animated series

Animation Studio «Parovoz» was the first studio in Russia, which developed a VR-game based on the animated series. The popular cartoon «Magic Lantern» was used as a basis, telling the children the classic tales of famous authors in an unusual format.

About Magic Lantern

Each series is a view of the filmstrip by a seven-year-old girl Katya and her five-year-old brother Mitya who is naughty and visionary. The five-minute episode is an adapted retelling of the great works of J. Verne, Stevenson, C. Doyle, Swift, Defoe, Wells, London, Po, Cervantes, Raspе, Dumas, Carroll and others.

Game info

The game «Magic Lantern» is available for download on SteamVR for the owners of VR-kit HTC Vive. The game is available in two languages: Russian and English.

The gaming community highly appreciated the interactive game and immersion in the atmosphere of the cartoon. It certainly will not leave indifferent neither children nor adults. You can try the VR-game «Magic Lantern» at the exhibition «Multimir», which will be held from May 31 to June 5 in Moscow at VDNKh.