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APC Kids taps Kid-E-Cats master toy partner

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APC Kids, the children’s entertainment arm of London-based boutique financier and distributor About Premium Content, has appointed Hong Kong-based Toy Plus as master toy partner for its animated series Kid-E-Cats.

The deal will see Toy Plus develop a range of toys including plush, collectibles, figurines and playsets for preschoolers. Initial products are set to debut at Hong Kong Toys & Games fair in January, followed by a global retail launch scheduled for October 2019.

Focusing on three kittens who are always jumping into action to solve problems in funny ways, the animated series is based on a Russian series produced by CTC Media and Studio Metrafilm. The third season is currently in production.

Toy Plus’s appointment comes as APC Kids continues to grow the series across the globe. Earlier this year, the company inked a raft of new broadcast sales with Turner’s Cartoonito in Italy, HBO Spain, MTG Latvia and Lithuania, and C4U (Kids1TV) in South Korea. The series debuted in 143 countries on Nick Jr. in 2017, including the UK, Benelux, Germany and Switzerland, with additional broadcast partners in Europe and Canada, including YLE (Finland), TG4 (Ireland), TV Puls (Poland), Knowledge Network (Canada).

«Koschei. The true story»: The fairy tale begins!

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Producer Evgeniy Golovin and author Maria Parfenova tell about the scenario, about creating the scenario for animated film «Koschei. The true story».
Several years ago we decided to unleash the «Fantasy Patrol» universe’s story. We wanted to make it deeper and broaden. We want to tell how the magic came to our world and where Helena, Mary, Snowy and Valery came from.

Koschei, Baba Yaga and Vodyanoy are well-known heroes of Russian folklore. Everyone knows their stories and who they are, but no one understands why they did what they did. In our animated film we want to show these heroes from the opposite side. We show how these creatures become themselves. Magic world is not so simple as we think it is.

Our Koschei is not an geedy old man, he is warrior who bravely fight against the fate’s trials.


Music for an animated film should be unique and original. With our compositors Sergey Bogolyobskij and Daria  Stavrovich we work alot on references. Although Sergey and Daria work on the «Fantasy Patrol» music.

Sergey Bogolyobskij and Daria Stavrovich

We are trying to create our own style in music and graphics. We are trying to find the ‘face’ of our Animation Studio in making animated films

Evgeniy Golovin, producer at Parovoz Animation Studio

The main point is to make character original and interesting for the audience. The character need to hook the viewer

Maria Parfenova, author at Parovoz Animation Studio

Boo the cat and the Good Boy

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This is a rhymed musical series about friendship, honesty and taking responsibility for your actions. The main character is a Good Boy who often gets carried away with his games and accidentally breaks or spoils something. The plot is built in an unusual genre for animation series — musical. It successfully combines video dynamics and the narration of the story. In each episode there is a new story about responsibility, friendship and emotional world of the child.

Heroes of Envell

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Present days. Saint Petersburg. Four friends — Art, Kira, Phil and Vic are the coolest gamers in school. Eventually they find a suspicious laptop with «Heroes of Envell» game installed on it. Turns out that this very laptop is a portal to another dimension, a game realm which is full of adventures and real-life danger.


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Woodventures is an animated cartoon sequel designed for pre-school children.

The main characters are wooden toys. They live in a small wooden town. Each of the toys has its own character and reacts in different way to the events that happen.

Woodventures is a musical sequel comprising many songs and dances.

The toys, along with the audience, learn to recognize different colors, shapes, objects, overcome difficult situations, get to know the importance of friendship and mutual help, and learn a lot of things about the world around them. All the series are positive, kind and full of humor.

F.A.S.T.- Fearless Animals Special Team

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For many years two clans ruled by super villains—Hegemon the Rhino and Darwin the Atomic Monkey—have been at each other’s throats. Blinded by their desire to rule the world, they’ve turned it into a combat field and would’ve probably already destroyed it… If it weren’t for the Fearless Animals Special Team!


Anton Smetankin, CEO of Parovoz studio, spoke on specifics of Russian animation market, criteria for preparing of children’s content, and state support for studios in Russia on Culture Radio.


The audience under 3 years old is as undemanding to the quality of content as possible, of course, we mean children. Parents are the main censors on a child’s way to the cartoons. Parovoz studio always searched for something catchy for a child in a cartoon, the reason he would want to see the cartoon again and again. We believe a gentle voiceover, almost mother’s intonations, likeable characters, bright picture and stories without violence and quick action are the key criteria.

As for 10 to 14 years old viewers, we have to talk about love and sometimes show some violence. I guess, we are not yet ready for it and still learning to tell stories to this audience. However, these viewers watch our Heroes of Envell and Fantasy Patrol animated series.


Unfortunately, there is still lack of content on Russian animation market today. Existing major players such as Soyuzmultfilm, Animaccord, Aeroplane, Melnitsa, Petersburg, and certainly our studio can’t provide enough content, because they have to compete not even with each other but with foreign content which comes to Russia with sponsor support and large budgets for broadcasting. Moreover, work experience is not transferred from studio to studio: the key players develop their own expertise without sharing it. That’s why each studio in a way has to reinvent the wheel.

The lack of content is acutely felt on industry events: the same cartoons are nominated for competitions from year to year. As for us, we strive to go beyond Russian festivals and nominate our works for international competitions. For instance, our animated series Fantasy Patrol and Paper Tales have become participants of Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France in 2016-2017.

There are a lot of professionals in the market, however each studio prefers preparing its own specialists «customising» them to its own needs. At they same time, animation and game industries fight for technicians who are few in number in the market. Our studio is only 4 years old but we have gathered more than 300 professionals by the moment. We also try to provide freedom for our creators to enable them to make author animation which is quite interesting for audience.


«Ми-ми-мишки» и «Лео и Тиг» захватывают мир • Netflix

Today, animated shows of the studio are watched on all continents where broadcast exists. In the past year, children from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Papua New Guinea, Estonia, China, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Sweden had the opportunity to see the animated series of our studio.

Топовые видеохостинги Китая покажут мультфильмы студии • Паровоз

Our cartoons are very popular in China because their own market doesn’t produce such content: they are still learning and don’t know yet which plots to choose and how to tell an interesting story to audience.


Dubbing and revoicing are provided not by the studio but by the right holder or directly by the buyer. This is how it works: colleagues give us the sound (english dubbing) and we adjust the picture to the sound.


The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation certainly tries to support animation through its grants as well as Cinema Foundation does, but the bigger issue here is that their patronage doesn’t extend to animated series. Yet there is some good news — the law which implies reducing of tax rates for animation studios is about to come.


Настоящая история Кощея от анимационной студии Паровоз • Концепт города

We are eager to grow into creativity, we want to work with foreign companies and channels. It’s pleasant and interesting to make children’s content, yet we strive to learn how to tell amazing stories for teenagers as well.

Our cartoons reached top 5 in the Mult app!

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We have reached the top 5!

Parovoz cartoons have taken the Top 5 in the MULT application

Woodventures set records

Woodventures animated series has become very popular among children and parents. First five episodes were premiered on August, 28. In October, viewers spent 4,215,831 minutes or 8 years in total watching the show, reports Tlum.ru
No other cartoon for 0+ audience has ever had such a big start.

What are the other four?

Leo and Tig occupies the second place in terms of viewing time, the come Fantasy Patrol, Cutie Cubies and Be-be-bears.