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New unique game «Fantasy patrol: Cafe» has been released!

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Interactive Moolt starts a new year with the release of the new game! Popular publisher of educative mobile apps for children launched a new game — «Fantasy patrol: Cafe». The game is based on «Fantasy patrol» animated series by Parovoz studio.

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

You will be able to keep things organized in the Wonderville café. Upgrade the café’s interior, make it neat and cozy. Unlock new recipes and create original dishes. Receive special interior items which will help to make the café a better place for meeting of all magical characters. You will manage the fantastic café, but be ready — mystery forces conspire something insidious.

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

«Fantasy patrol: Cafe» is fourth game that is based on popular series «Fantasy patrol». Game series includes two arcade games («Fantasy patrol» and «Fantasy patrol: Adventures») and musical game.

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

«Fantasy patrol: Cafe» is really facinating, interesting and unique. The game has been downloaded by over 10 thousand of users.


Download for iOS / for Android

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME «Fantasy patrol: Cafe»

Interactive Moolt is the largest Russian publisher of educative mobile apps for children that enters the TOP-5 of publishers in this segment. The total number of downloads of educative games and apps of the publishing house has exceeded 35 million.

Development of the game Heroes of Envell is proceeding

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In December 2018, Interactive Moolt publishing house will release a long-awaited mobile game based on popular animated series Heroes of Envell.
The animated show Heroes of Envell produced by Parovoz studio tells about four friends that find an unusual laptop at school. It turns out to be a portal to the game world where dangers are quite real.

Концепт ботов • Мобильная игра «Герои Энвелла»

Bot concept • Heroes of Envell mobile game

Game «Heroes of Envell»

The genre of the game is «one against all». The gaming process implies that the player character helps other team members to fight enemies who attack on all fronts. This is a chance to integrate into the team of four schoolmates and to fight evil for restoring justice. If someone was dreaming to punish Morgarths marionettes with Kiras crossbows or to explore all secret powers of Vics glove this is the chance!

Youll discover new locations that will soon appear in the show as well. The game developers are going to issue updates which will allow to widen the game universe and add some new characters to the game.

Джунгли • Игра «Герои Энвелла»

Jungle location • Heroes of Envell mobile game

A well-loved  atmosphere of the show is definitely one of the future games specialties. Everything here works to recreate it: familiar graphics and music, those four classes of the characters, and especially strong and exciting storyline that will let one experience whats it like to be a hero of Envell.

Key features of the game

Along with other features that make the gameplay diverse, theres an opportunity to use scenarios or continuous mode of the game. The scenarios one is divided on levels and tells a story. Its a spin-off of the shows storyline. The continuous mode will allow to keep on playing the game after the main story is over.

Концепт локации из мобильной игры «Герои Энвелла»

Концепт локации из мобильной игры «Герои Энвелла»

Get prepared for tremendous battles, strike a devastating blow to enemies who attack on all fronts, plan your attacks, get a cool pet, rule the full power of magic and all of it is in unique stylistics of Envell.

Sea adventures in the Moriki-Doriki animated series

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Parovoz animation studio has produced an animated show for the biggest network of perfumes and make-up stores in Russia – L’etoile.


The animated series is intended to advance to show the importance of baby skincare. Friends will tell a little viewer about their travels and introduce the new collection of skincare products for children. MORIKI-DORIKI develops imagination of babies and turn hygiene routine into exciting game.

Big country Oceania

This country is lost in unexplored depths of the world’s oceans. It’s a fantastic world of bizarre seaweeds, coral and underwater flowers. The underwater landscape is more like in human world: seashell-houses remotely resemble high-rise buildings and townhouses.



Ruru • Moriki-Doriki

The main character of the animated show really loves to draw. He always succeeds in everything he does because his natural confidence and quick wit help him to stay positive. Ruru is very popular, his creations are always praised and appreciated since «Ruru made this». At first, children from Plankton class were very surprised by the support of the local celebrity, but Ruru just can’t do otherwise. He tries to help everyone and support a friend in a difficult situation.

Mermaid Lana


Mermaid Lana • Moriki-Doriki

Lana has been working as a teacher at the local school only for a year. She’s very responsible mermaid and deep down inside worries about her class. She’s very eager to become a real teacher and sometimes can go too far with her care and anxieties. Lana collaborates with Ruru and tries to inspire kids from Plankton class so that they could compete with Stars class.

The colour of Lana’s hair can change depending on her mood. The mermaid’s hair turns red in the end of the first episode. It’s a sign that she’s very happy for her class and proud of it. Some say, that the worst thing is to see her with black hair. Of course, this might be a myth…

Class plankton

Kids in the class are so different and unique that it seems impossible to unite them in one team.


Mimzu • Moriki-Doriki

Mimzu is deliberate and dreamy contemplator, emits bubbles and philosophise about life.

Спайк • Морики-дорики

Spike • Moriki-Doriki

Mischievous Spike bullies everyone around and learning new tricks on roller skates.

Шуши • Морики-дорики

Shushi • Moriki-Doriki

Fashionista Shushi designs outfits for the red carpet but her shyness doesn’t allow to reveal her inner beauty.

Горошек • Морики-дорики

Pea • Moriki-Doriki

Little Pea is timorous and shy, he’s afraid of all kinds of group games.

Гринбо • Морики-дорики

Grinbo • Moriki-Doriki

Grumbler Grinbo meets everything with hostility and his inventions often work against himself.

Неки • Морики-дорики

Nacky • Moriki-Doriki

Silent Nacky can be called «the brains» of the class, but, actually, he’s not interested in sharing his knowledge.

There’s only the first episode available online, but soon little viewers will see the continuation of story about mermaid Lana and her friend Ruru.

Leo and Tig: let the fairy tale of taiga begin

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A new mobile app based on the universe of the animated series Leo and Tig has been released. The adventures begin in fantastic taiga!

Download for iOS / for Android

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Interactive Moolt publishing house released the new mobile app Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures. The first part of the game has already echoed in the hearts of children and their parents, and, in May 2018, it won three prizes at once on DevGamm Awards 2018 such as Best Game, Best Visual Design, Best Mobile Game.

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

The app Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures will lead a child through an exciting journey together with favourite charming characters. They will meet many unexpected obstacles on their way that could be overcome only in team.

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

The game story is devoted to adventures of brave friends. The spirit of taiga has led them to the heart of the forest the Big Tree. This is the place where little animals can make the home they have dreamed for so long. They will have to complete many fascinating quests, make a number of extraordinary discoveries, and solve all the riddles from real spirits of taiga to make their new home as comfortable as possible.

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

A young gamer will have to choose one of the characters for a journey through the fairy tale forest.

Intuitive interface and gripping gameplay allow to enjoy playing for favourite heroes and the opportunity to guide them through fabulous adventures.

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Screenshots from game «Leo and Tig: Forest Adventures»

Interactive Moolt is the largest Russian publisher of educative mobile apps for children that enters the TOP-5 of publishers in this segment. The total number of downloads of educative games and apps of the publishing house has exceeded 30 million.

The third anniversary of Be-be-bears!


Viewers could watch the first episode of Be-be-bears on the Russian cinema screens within Moolt in Cinema project on 21 March 2015. By now, more than 150 episodes have been released for the last three years! It is already three years that Bucky and Bjorn began sharing their funny adventures in an entertaining way on Moolt and Tloom HD channels that are parts of Digital Television group (VGTRK and Rostelecom).
The cartoon tells young audience about true friendship, kindness, and love for nature. Brown bear Bucky and polar bear Bjorn, Chiky, Littlefox and other faithful friends learn to get along and to experience together all adventures.


The series have won the viewers hearts not only in Russia, but all around the world as well during this period.
Global conquest of international market began in October 2016 with the ambitious launch on the top world markets MIPJunior and MIPCOM (Cannes, France).
Russian animated series Be-be-bears got into the top-15 of the most demanded TV projects for children in the world, according to results of MIPJunior’s screening.
Media rights for animated series were acquired by TV channels and cinemas across the world in less than a year.
Be-be-bears are translated into 10 the most popular languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi. Little viewers from the USA, North Africa, Middle East met the characters of animated series and became so fond of them. Be-be-bears launched in China with a great success. More than 6 billions viewers watched the cartoons on the web sight of the biggest Chinese video streaming operator LeEco in the first three days.
Be-be-bears attract big family audience to TV screens, occupy leading positions in ratings, moreover, professionals of the industry appreciated the quality of animation. In 2016, Be-be-bears was honored with Grand Prix of 23rd Open Russian Animation Film Festival in Suzdal. Series also won in viewers voting in the category Morning Series with a Cup of Cacao and a Bun within 10th Big Cartoon Festival.
Nowadays, Be-be-bears series are more than just cartoons. The cartoon has its own licensed products, 7 games for smartphone and tablets.


Bucky and Bjorn participated across the whole Russia in the annual major children’s festivals in the country «Multimir» and «Multimir. Bright Summer» which had more than 170 000 visitors in 2017! The bears took part in theatrical scenes, photographed with all who wished, and helped children to take a closer look at a fantasy world. Earlier, in 2016, Be-be-bears held their own winter Olympic Games – The Bears Competition with much success. In the end of 2017, the Moolt Store opened at the Riviera shopping mall in Moscow. There are more than 350 top selling licensed products based on Be-be-bears animated series.


In april 2018, all the young fans will meet new dancing competition from the main characters Bucky and Bjorn.
The Digital Television children’s channels will arrange a marathon of stories about Be-be-bears for the birthday of favorite characters. Tloom HD channel starts celebrating on Saturday 17 March, from 06:00 till 18:30, and will continue up to 21 March inclusively.
Moolt channel scheduled Be-be-bears Day for 24 March from 06:00 till 19:00, and for 25 March from 10:00 till 14:00. During the week from 26 March to 1 April, young audience will watch favorite animated series in Be-be-bears blocks.
On Mooltimusic channel Be-be-bears Day will be on 21 March. Viewers will enjoy songs and dances in the company of favorite characters for the whole day!
Young viewers in Latin America will have the opportunity to watch the favorite Russian animated series on Moolt channel from 19 to 23 March at 08:00, 16:00, 20:00 and on 25 March from 10:00 till 18:00.



New game for iOS and Android: Be-be-bears in space

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Bucky and Bjorn have managed to make their fondest dream come true – together with friends they went to cruise across an immense cosmos in a new game!

In February, Interactive Moolt publishing house released mobile app Be-be-bears in Space based on Be-be-bears animated series by Parovoz Studio. This is the third game about bears Bucky and Bjorn, and their friends. The app Be-be-bears in Space allows young players to fly on a cosmic ship. Or, for example explore the outer space, experience the state of weightlessness, and to observe stars. Together with favorite characters, children can make incredible discoveries, have fun, and go traveling through the galaxy!


The first two games have already gained the popularity. The Be-be-bears app has become the game of the year in 2016, and Be-be-bears – Planet of Creativity many times got into app ratings in Children category. The Be-be-bears in Space app has already become a leader in the number of installations on iPad. Developers think that the app’s success derived not only from animated series popularity, bright graphics, and attractive game mechanics, but also from the fact that Moolt Interactive provided Be-be-bears in Spaces with added reality. It allows players to get completely lost in atmosphere of space adventure!

First Family Interactive Cinema Moolt VR is Created in Russia

First VR Cinema in Russia

In the beginning of 2018 Parovoz Animation Studio, Interactive Moolt and Digital Television company will launch the first family VR cinema Moolt VR with game and interactive options.

Location From "Heroes of Envell" Animated Series

Location From “Heroes of Envell” Animated Series

Moolt VR is application for smartphones that support VR glasses. It combines favorite activities of families with children: playing, cartoons watching, going into the cartoons atmosphere, communicating with animation characters as well as visiting cinema. Before watching users can choose location from cartoon where the VR session will take place and animation characters that will accompany them at cinema.

Content Inside Moolt VR App

Some locations have been already created on the basis of animated series of its own production: Be-be-bears for the little ones and Fantasy Patrol and Heroes of Envell for an older audience. The app creators plan to agree with right holders on cartoons produced by other animation studios and to create new locations with favorite characters on their basis.

Interface for Choosing Characters and Locations

Interface for Choosing Characters and Locations

11 animated series are available on the first stage in Moolt VR: Leo and Tig, Be-be-bears, Fantasy Patrol, Woodventures, Heroes of Envell, Cutie Cubies, F.A.S.T., Paper Tales, Tima and TomaRolando Locomotov, Magic Lantern. Users will also be able to watch releases of new animation projects in the app. Some of the animated series, for example, Heroes of Envell, will be available in 3D stereo for the first time in Russia and in the world. 3D cartoons are created specially for the app.

Most of Moolt VR possibilities haven’t been used in mobile VR apps before that’s why this application is unique.

Location From "Fantasy Patrol" and "Be-be-bears"

Location From “Fantasy Patrol” and “Be-be-bears”

Moolt VR Will be Launched in the Beginning of 2018 All Around the World

Moolt VR is released in three languages – Russian, English and Spanish. The app will be released in Russia simultaneously with other countries: the USA, Spain, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America countries.

It will be possible to install Moolt VR app on Samsung smartphones that support Gear VR. One can also download it in Oculus store for the same name headset.

Moolt VR – is the second app involving virtual reality technologies developed by Digital Television company and Parovoz Animation Studio. In February Interactive Moolt studio released Magic Lantern VR project – the game for VR devices based on the same name animated series. Russian VR game is available for every user of Steam – global game service that totals hundreds of millions of players all around the world.

The Fantasy Patrol Universe

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Everything Real is Magic: the Way Fantasy Patrol Universe Grows

In August 2017 tens of millions of Fantasy Patrol universe fans became very agitated by the news that CEO of Parovoz Studio Anton Smetankin told on Mayak radio. The studio began production of Fantasy Patrol based full-length version called The True Story of Koschei. The premiere is planned for 2020.

The True Story of Koschei

The action takes place in the Fantasy Patrol Universe, that turns to be much wider than the city of Myshkin. Many new characters appear, still there are some well-known characters, including our well-known girls-wizards. We can see events of the distant past and the legend about the ancient prophecy gets real again. The focus is on the love story. One crucial meeting leads to a brave voyage. The heroes must pass through many difficulties to find themselves and each other.

History of the Animated Series

The series tell about incredible and exciting adventures of four young sorceresses – Helena, Valery, Mary and Snowy. It teaches about friendship, belief in good and miracles. The Fantasy Patrol was released on Russian channels MOOLT, ANI and Tlum HD in May 2016. Its viewership in Russia totals tens of millions of people. The cartoon has become one of the main hits of 2016 at Youtube service. Today the series are translated into 10 languages and keep winning hearts of foreign TV viewers in Europe and Asia.


Books by Oleg Roy

Top Russian author and scriptwriter Oleg Roy created a book series based on the cartoon: «Beware of Domovoy», «Ice Cream Is Never Enough», «Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…», «Secret Diary of the Fantasy Patrol Agent». Plots of the books are unique and do not repeat the animated series events. Thus cartoon fans will be able to enjoy more girls adventures. The books are available at EKSMO publishing house.

Mobile Games

Two games based on Fantasy Patrol for IOS and Android were released and the third one is about to appear.

Game creator – Moolt Interactive – notes that Fantasy Patrol game might be the only project for teenagers in Russia with the open world structure. The gamer can play for any of sorceresses and move freely around the game’s world to perform various tasks. For less than a year the game was downloaded more than one and a half million times all over the world.


Wonderful dolls-heroines from Fantasy Patrol made by manufacturer and distributor Gulliver Company appeared in Russian stores. They are presented in two collections: casual and magic.


In 2017 all-Russian casting was being held for the new band that based on images of Fantasy Patrol universe main characters. The characters brought the idea themselves – they often sing, dance and demonstrate their acting talents.

A Year and a Half

Precisely this time ago the first episode of Fantasy Patrol was released. Today this fairy world keeps growing and taking new forms, it makes happy its old fans and wins the new ones.

“Fantasy Patrol” won prestigious international award Cyber Sousa

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Cyber Sousa in China

The winners of the prestigious international animation award Cyber Sousa were announced in China.Our animated series “Fantasy Patrol” got “Silver Award” in the “Best Overseas Animated Series category”. International jury has appreciated originality of the animated series idea about four young enchanters and high quality of 3D animation.

This is a second consecutive year in China that animation projects of “Parovoz Studio” requested by “Digital TV Company” were declared the best. In 2016 cartoon series “Paper Tales” were given the Syber Sousa gold statuette by a competent jury.

Chinese city Xiamen annually hosts Xiamen International Animation Festival. Its basic goals are promotion and progress of animation industry, comics and video games, setting up international communication in this area as well. Best cartoons from different countries are rewarded with Cyber Sousa Prize in the context of the animation festival.

Our cartoons reached top 5 in the Mult app!

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We have reached the top 5!

Parovoz cartoons have taken the Top 5 in the MULT application

Woodventures set records

Woodventures animated series has become very popular among children and parents. First five episodes were premiered on August, 28. In October, viewers spent 4,215,831 minutes or 8 years in total watching the show, reports Tlum.ru
No other cartoon for 0+ audience has ever had such a big start.

What are the other four?

Leo and Tig occupies the second place in terms of viewing time, the come Fantasy Patrol, Cutie Cubies and Be-be-bears.

«Magic Lantern» is now available in SteamVR marketplace

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VR game based on animated series

Animation Studio «Parovoz» was the first studio in Russia, which developed a VR-game based on the animated series. The popular cartoon «Magic Lantern» was used as a basis, telling the children the classic tales of famous authors in an unusual format.

About Magic Lantern

Each series is a view of the filmstrip by a seven-year-old girl Katya and her five-year-old brother Mitya who is naughty and visionary. The five-minute episode is an adapted retelling of the great works of J. Verne, Stevenson, C. Doyle, Swift, Defoe, Wells, London, Po, Cervantes, Raspе, Dumas, Carroll and others.

Game info

The game «Magic Lantern» is available for download on SteamVR for the owners of VR-kit HTC Vive. The game is available in two languages: Russian and English.

The gaming community highly appreciated the interactive game and immersion in the atmosphere of the cartoon. It certainly will not leave indifferent neither children nor adults. You can try the VR-game «Magic Lantern» at the exhibition «Multimir», which will be held from May 31 to June 5 in Moscow at VDNKh.