«Magic Lantern» is now available in SteamVR marketplace


VR game based on animated series

Animation Studio «Parovoz» was the first studio in Russia, which developed a VR-game based on the animated series. The popular cartoon «Magic Lantern» was used as a basis, telling the children the classic tales of famous authors in an unusual format.

About Magic Lantern

Each series is a view of the filmstrip by a seven-year-old girl Katya and her five-year-old brother Mitya who is naughty and visionary. The five-minute episode is an adapted retelling of the great works of J. Verne, Stevenson, C. Doyle, Swift, Defoe, Wells, London, Po, Cervantes, Raspе, Dumas, Carroll and others.

Game info

The game «Magic Lantern» is available for download on SteamVR for the owners of VR-kit HTC Vive. The game is available in two languages: Russian and English.

The gaming community highly appreciated the interactive game and immersion in the atmosphere of the cartoon. It certainly will not leave indifferent neither children nor adults. You can try the VR-game «Magic Lantern» at the exhibition «Multimir», which will be held from May 31 to June 5 in Moscow at VDNKh.