Development of the game Heroes of Envell is proceeding

In December 2018, Interactive Moolt publishing house will release a long-awaited mobile game based on popular animated series Heroes of Envell.
The animated show Heroes of Envell produced by Parovoz studio tells about four friends that find an unusual laptop at school. It turns out to be a portal to the game world where dangers are quite real.

Концепт ботов • Мобильная игра «Герои Энвелла»

Bot concept • Heroes of Envell mobile game

Game «Heroes of Envell»

The genre of the game is «one against all». The gaming process implies that the player character helps other team members to fight enemies who attack on all fronts. This is a chance to integrate into the team of four schoolmates and to fight evil for restoring justice. If someone was dreaming to punish Morgarths marionettes with Kiras crossbows or to explore all secret powers of Vics glove this is the chance!

Youll discover new locations that will soon appear in the show as well. The game developers are going to issue updates which will allow to widen the game universe and add some new characters to the game.

Джунгли • Игра «Герои Энвелла»

Jungle location • Heroes of Envell mobile game

A well-loved  atmosphere of the show is definitely one of the future games specialties. Everything here works to recreate it: familiar graphics and music, those four classes of the characters, and especially strong and exciting storyline that will let one experience whats it like to be a hero of Envell.

Key features of the game

Along with other features that make the gameplay diverse, theres an opportunity to use scenarios or continuous mode of the game. The scenarios one is divided on levels and tells a story. Its a spin-off of the shows storyline. The continuous mode will allow to keep on playing the game after the main story is over.

Концепт локации из мобильной игры «Герои Энвелла»

Концепт локации из мобильной игры «Герои Энвелла»

Get prepared for tremendous battles, strike a devastating blow to enemies who attack on all fronts, plan your attacks, get a cool pet, rule the full power of magic and all of it is in unique stylistics of Envell.