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Studio Parovoz is a triumphant winner of Multimir award 2018

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On 30 May, in the first day of Multimir festival, the winners of Russian industrial award in animation and licensing Multimir were announced during the ceremony that took place at 75 pavilion of VDNH. The winners were determined by results of the open voting on the festival’s site and upon the decision of the professional jury — experts in children’s television, animation, and representatives of children’s goods industry.


This time, the representatives of Parovoz studio walked up to the podium more often than other nominees. We got the star statuettes for Fantasy Patrol project as the best series in jury’s opinion, for Littlefox from Be-Be-Bears and Snowy from Fantasy Patrol as the best female characters in jury’s and audience’s opinion, and for the song Believe in Yourself from Fantasy Patrol upon the jury’s decision.The Fantasy Patrol dolls also were called the toy of the year. They are produced by Gulliver company under licence from 0+Media company.


Multimir award is organised by VGTRK holding, Digital Television company, Russian Animated Film Association, and 0+Media company to stimulate the professional growth in Russian animation and children’s industry and to increase the share of children’s goods produced under the animation licences in Russian market.

Evgeny Golovin Won an IKAR Award as the Best Producer of Animated Films

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Evgeny Golovin, the author of the new animated series Cutie Cubies, Woodventures, F.A.S.T., and of the many other cartoons of Parovoz Studio is recognised as the best producer of the year!

IKAR — National animation award

Creators of the best Russian cartoons of 2017 were awarded at the ceremony that took place at Moscow Young Generation Theatre on 9 April. Evgeny Golovin, creative director of Parovoz Studio, got the IKAR Award as the best producer of the year for the creation of several successful animated series and their breakthrough to audience.

In the past year alone, Parovoz Studio released premieres of such series as Cutie Cubies, Woodventures, and F.A.S.T. under the creative guidance of Evgeny Golovin. Projects are made on request of Digital Television company and are being successfully showed on Moolt, Tloom HD, and Mama channels. One can also find new series of these and other cartoons in Moolt in Cinema anthology and in Moolt mobile app.

New animation series from Parovoz animation studio

Woodventures is a musical animated series for preschoolers. The main characters are wooden toys that live in small wooden town. Each character has a home that reflects the personality of the owner. The toys, along with the audience, experience different adventures, overcome difficulties, and always in a playful way learn to be friends and to help each other. In Russia, Woodventures had become popular even before they were showed on TV. Users spent 4,215,831 minutes on Woodventures watching during the first month of showing in Moolt mobile app — this is about 8 years in total! Series got 9 million views in the first month on YouTube!

Cutie Cubies is a story about four funny cubic aliens who get to earth after the shipwreck. Here, they meet girl Lera.  Everyday cubies explore the world of Earth inhabitants and deal with various life situations — they clean up the room, wash dishes, and make little ships.

In F.A.S.T. animated series, there is a struggle between the clans of two super villains: the Rhinoceros Hehemon and the Nuclear Monkey Darwin. Obsessed with power hunger, they have made the world a battlefield and probably they would have been destroyed it long ago. But here comes Special Team of Fearless Animals, F.A.S.T. for short! The team’s motto is «One is a claw, together is a paw!»

Parovoz Studio is currently producing 10 animated series: Leo and Tig, Fantasy Patrol, Be-Be-Bears, Heroes of Envell, Cutie Cubies, Woodventures, F.A.S.T., Paper Tales, Magic Lantern, and Rolando Locomotov. They regularly become nominees and winners of Russian and international festivals.

Latest achievement

For example, Paper Tales and Fantasy Patrol were recognised as the Best Overseas Animated Series at Xiamen International Animation Festival (China). In 2016, Be-Be-Bears series got into the top-15 of the most popular projects of international television market MIPJUNIOR, won Grand Prix of XXI Open Russian Festival of Animated Films as the best animated series, and received people’s choice award at X Big Cartoon Festival.

Fantasy Patrol was selected for competition program of Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2017, received an IKAR award as the best startup. Heroes of Envell has become the first Russian series in history that was chosen for world premiere by organisers of MIPJUNIOR  international TV market. The series entered top-20 of the most popular projects of MIPJUNIOR 2017.

Russian Animation IKAR Award has been given for achievements in the area of animation cinema and for professional contribution to development of animation from 2014. The awards creation was initiated by Open Russian Festival of Animated Films – the main professional forum of Russian animation. The Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation and Animated Film Association are also among funding members. Sergey Kapkov is the artistic director of the award.

The third anniversary of Be-be-bears!


Viewers could watch the first episode of Be-be-bears on the Russian cinema screens within Moolt in Cinema project on 21 March 2015. By now, more than 150 episodes have been released for the last three years! It is already three years that Bucky and Bjorn began sharing their funny adventures in an entertaining way on Moolt and Tloom HD channels that are parts of Digital Television group (VGTRK and Rostelecom).
The cartoon tells young audience about true friendship, kindness, and love for nature. Brown bear Bucky and polar bear Bjorn, Chiky, Littlefox and other faithful friends learn to get along and to experience together all adventures.


The series have won the viewers hearts not only in Russia, but all around the world as well during this period.
Global conquest of international market began in October 2016 with the ambitious launch on the top world markets MIPJunior and MIPCOM (Cannes, France).
Russian animated series Be-be-bears got into the top-15 of the most demanded TV projects for children in the world, according to results of MIPJunior’s screening.
Media rights for animated series were acquired by TV channels and cinemas across the world in less than a year.
Be-be-bears are translated into 10 the most popular languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi. Little viewers from the USA, North Africa, Middle East met the characters of animated series and became so fond of them. Be-be-bears launched in China with a great success. More than 6 billions viewers watched the cartoons on the web sight of the biggest Chinese video streaming operator LeEco in the first three days.
Be-be-bears attract big family audience to TV screens, occupy leading positions in ratings, moreover, professionals of the industry appreciated the quality of animation. In 2016, Be-be-bears was honored with Grand Prix of 23rd Open Russian Animation Film Festival in Suzdal. Series also won in viewers voting in the category Morning Series with a Cup of Cacao and a Bun within 10th Big Cartoon Festival.
Nowadays, Be-be-bears series are more than just cartoons. The cartoon has its own licensed products, 7 games for smartphone and tablets.


Bucky and Bjorn participated across the whole Russia in the annual major children’s festivals in the country «Multimir» and «Multimir. Bright Summer» which had more than 170 000 visitors in 2017! The bears took part in theatrical scenes, photographed with all who wished, and helped children to take a closer look at a fantasy world. Earlier, in 2016, Be-be-bears held their own winter Olympic Games – The Bears Competition with much success. In the end of 2017, the Moolt Store opened at the Riviera shopping mall in Moscow. There are more than 350 top selling licensed products based on Be-be-bears animated series.


In april 2018, all the young fans will meet new dancing competition from the main characters Bucky and Bjorn.
The Digital Television children’s channels will arrange a marathon of stories about Be-be-bears for the birthday of favorite characters. Tloom HD channel starts celebrating on Saturday 17 March, from 06:00 till 18:30, and will continue up to 21 March inclusively.
Moolt channel scheduled Be-be-bears Day for 24 March from 06:00 till 19:00, and for 25 March from 10:00 till 14:00. During the week from 26 March to 1 April, young audience will watch favorite animated series in Be-be-bears blocks.
On Mooltimusic channel Be-be-bears Day will be on 21 March. Viewers will enjoy songs and dances in the company of favorite characters for the whole day!
Young viewers in Latin America will have the opportunity to watch the favorite Russian animated series on Moolt channel from 19 to 23 March at 08:00, 16:00, 20:00 and on 25 March from 10:00 till 18:00.



The Fantasy Patrol Universe

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Everything Real is Magic: the Way Fantasy Patrol Universe Grows

In August 2017 tens of millions of Fantasy Patrol universe fans became very agitated by the news that CEO of Parovoz Studio Anton Smetankin told on Mayak radio. The studio began production of Fantasy Patrol based full-length version called The True Story of Koschei. The premiere is planned for 2020.

The True Story of Koschei

The action takes place in the Fantasy Patrol Universe, that turns to be much wider than the city of Myshkin. Many new characters appear, still there are some well-known characters, including our well-known girls-wizards. We can see events of the distant past and the legend about the ancient prophecy gets real again. The focus is on the love story. One crucial meeting leads to a brave voyage. The heroes must pass through many difficulties to find themselves and each other.

History of the Animated Series

The series tell about incredible and exciting adventures of four young sorceresses – Helena, Valery, Mary and Snowy. It teaches about friendship, belief in good and miracles. The Fantasy Patrol was released on Russian channels MOOLT, ANI and Tlum HD in May 2016. Its viewership in Russia totals tens of millions of people. The cartoon has become one of the main hits of 2016 at Youtube service. Today the series are translated into 10 languages and keep winning hearts of foreign TV viewers in Europe and Asia.


Books by Oleg Roy

Top Russian author and scriptwriter Oleg Roy created a book series based on the cartoon: «Beware of Domovoy», «Ice Cream Is Never Enough», «Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…», «Secret Diary of the Fantasy Patrol Agent». Plots of the books are unique and do not repeat the animated series events. Thus cartoon fans will be able to enjoy more girls adventures. The books are available at EKSMO publishing house.

Mobile Games

Two games based on Fantasy Patrol for IOS and Android were released and the third one is about to appear.

Game creator – Moolt Interactive – notes that Fantasy Patrol game might be the only project for teenagers in Russia with the open world structure. The gamer can play for any of sorceresses and move freely around the game’s world to perform various tasks. For less than a year the game was downloaded more than one and a half million times all over the world.


Wonderful dolls-heroines from Fantasy Patrol made by manufacturer and distributor Gulliver Company appeared in Russian stores. They are presented in two collections: casual and magic.


In 2017 all-Russian casting was being held for the new band that based on images of Fantasy Patrol universe main characters. The characters brought the idea themselves – they often sing, dance and demonstrate their acting talents.

A Year and a Half

Precisely this time ago the first episode of Fantasy Patrol was released. Today this fairy world keeps growing and taking new forms, it makes happy its old fans and wins the new ones.

“Fantasy Patrol” won prestigious international award Cyber Sousa

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Cyber Sousa in China

The winners of the prestigious international animation award Cyber Sousa were announced in China.Our animated series “Fantasy Patrol” got “Silver Award” in the “Best Overseas Animated Series category”. International jury has appreciated originality of the animated series idea about four young enchanters and high quality of 3D animation.

This is a second consecutive year in China that animation projects of “Parovoz Studio” requested by “Digital TV Company” were declared the best. In 2016 cartoon series “Paper Tales” were given the Syber Sousa gold statuette by a competent jury.

Chinese city Xiamen annually hosts Xiamen International Animation Festival. Its basic goals are promotion and progress of animation industry, comics and video games, setting up international communication in this area as well. Best cartoons from different countries are rewarded with Cyber Sousa Prize in the context of the animation festival.

Be-be-bears have picked up the first award of the krok festival

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Bears have won a prize

Vera Myakisheva, the producer of the Parovoz studio, took a bonus prize from the TASS news agency for working on the animated series «Be-be-bears» at the KROK festival.


The XXIV International Animated Film Festival has completed in St. Petersburg on September 20, 2017. The festival took place on board ship, which took a week trip from Moscow, visited Uglich, Goritsy, Mandrogi, Petrozavodsk, Valaam and finished in St. Petersburg.

What is the KROK?

The International Animated Film Festival has been held since 1989. This year, 972 applications have been received from every corner of the world. 131 films from 36 countries have been selected for the competitive program. Sergey Merinov, the president of the Guild of Professionals of the Animated Film Association, has presented the prize to “Be-be-bears”.