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Evgeny Golovin Won an IKAR Award as the Best Producer of Animated Films

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Evgeny Golovin, the author of the new animated series Cutie Cubies, Woodventures, F.A.S.T., and of the many other cartoons of Parovoz Studio is recognised as the best producer of the year!

IKAR — National animation award

Creators of the best Russian cartoons of 2017 were awarded at the ceremony that took place at Moscow Young Generation Theatre on 9 April. Evgeny Golovin, creative director of Parovoz Studio, got the IKAR Award as the best producer of the year for the creation of several successful animated series and their breakthrough to audience.

In the past year alone, Parovoz Studio released premieres of such series as Cutie Cubies, Woodventures, and F.A.S.T. under the creative guidance of Evgeny Golovin. Projects are made on request of Digital Television company and are being successfully showed on Moolt, Tloom HD, and Mama channels. One can also find new series of these and other cartoons in Moolt in Cinema anthology and in Moolt mobile app.

New animation series from Parovoz animation studio

Woodventures is a musical animated series for preschoolers. The main characters are wooden toys that live in small wooden town. Each character has a home that reflects the personality of the owner. The toys, along with the audience, experience different adventures, overcome difficulties, and always in a playful way learn to be friends and to help each other. In Russia, Woodventures had become popular even before they were showed on TV. Users spent 4,215,831 minutes on Woodventures watching during the first month of showing in Moolt mobile app — this is about 8 years in total! Series got 9 million views in the first month on YouTube!

Cutie Cubies is a story about four funny cubic aliens who get to earth after the shipwreck. Here, they meet girl Lera.  Everyday cubies explore the world of Earth inhabitants and deal with various life situations — they clean up the room, wash dishes, and make little ships.

In F.A.S.T. animated series, there is a struggle between the clans of two super villains: the Rhinoceros Hehemon and the Nuclear Monkey Darwin. Obsessed with power hunger, they have made the world a battlefield and probably they would have been destroyed it long ago. But here comes Special Team of Fearless Animals, F.A.S.T. for short! The team’s motto is «One is a claw, together is a paw!»

Parovoz Studio is currently producing 10 animated series: Leo and Tig, Fantasy Patrol, Be-Be-Bears, Heroes of Envell, Cutie Cubies, Woodventures, F.A.S.T., Paper Tales, Magic Lantern, and Rolando Locomotov. They regularly become nominees and winners of Russian and international festivals.

Latest achievement

For example, Paper Tales and Fantasy Patrol were recognised as the Best Overseas Animated Series at Xiamen International Animation Festival (China). In 2016, Be-Be-Bears series got into the top-15 of the most popular projects of international television market MIPJUNIOR, won Grand Prix of XXI Open Russian Festival of Animated Films as the best animated series, and received people’s choice award at X Big Cartoon Festival.

Fantasy Patrol was selected for competition program of Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2017, received an IKAR award as the best startup. Heroes of Envell has become the first Russian series in history that was chosen for world premiere by organisers of MIPJUNIOR  international TV market. The series entered top-20 of the most popular projects of MIPJUNIOR 2017.

Russian Animation IKAR Award has been given for achievements in the area of animation cinema and for professional contribution to development of animation from 2014. The awards creation was initiated by Open Russian Festival of Animated Films – the main professional forum of Russian animation. The Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation and Animated Film Association are also among funding members. Sergey Kapkov is the artistic director of the award.

Cannes chronicles of «Parovoz» studio

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Cannes are conquired!

Cannes, 15 October 2017. «Heroes of Envell» is the first russian animation to receive World Premiere TV Screening in MIPJunior’s 25 years entitled New Creative Territories to Watch. The project was introduced by its creator, screenwriter and director Anton Lanshakov and CEO of Signal Media International Mikhail Kovalchuk. The premiere screening had a great success.

Heroes of Envell

MIPjunior in Cannes, October 2017, Heroes of Envell

Moreover, the animated series got the double-page spread in MIPCOM News Magazine bearing the headline «Russian Content Revolution»! «Heroes of Envell» were included in best projects for kids review under the heading «Friends for All the Times» at the international exhibition on the 14th and 15th of October. Some other projects of our studio were presented at the exhibition as well, particularly, the much-talked-of in Russia «Woodventures».

Festival of the Russian Animation Cinema in Chennai

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Chennai animation festival

Last week in the Indian city of Chennai, the Russian Animated Film Festival was a great success. The purpose of the festival was to promote and support the creation of high-quality animated films. Which translate the ideals of goodness, beauty, friendship, care for the environment. And also spreading the ideas of peace and mutual understanding between the cultures of India and Russia.

In this regard, the event managers included only the best quality and good cartoons in the program that had already won the hearts of Russian viewers. We are honored that among them there were the projects of «Parovoz» studio including «Leo and Tig».